The Naughty Elves Poem

The Naughty Elves

The naughty elves picture (1)By: Dustyn C., staff writer

There once was two little elves, Doki and Mee Mee,

They were happy little elves, but very sly and naughty!

Banana peels on the ball,

Roller skating in the halls,

Everyone wanted them to stop,

But then someone called the cops.

Stuck in jail until New Year’s Eve,

Not even on Christmas will they leave!

They needed to break out of this cold, dark cell,

Even if it wouldn’t end well.

They hatched a plan before Christmas Eve,

With clever actions only they could conceive.

Bash the window, then hide behind a tree,

until the light would take an arrow to the knee.

Then they ran to Santa’s shop,

Before the present-making came to a stop.

All the elves stay them inside,

Then, Doki and Mee Mee pleaded and cried,

“Sorry for ruining your day,

Please forgive us in any way!”

Santa came in, just in time,

Just at the stroke of the midnight chime.

Santa forgave Doki and Mee Mee,

Because he knew they were truly sorry.

So then they smiled so wide their jaws became sore,

Because they didn’t feel naughty anymore!

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