Supporting the King

Supporting The King

kingBy:Lizbeth M. and Carly P., staff writers

            “Yes! Finally, school’s out for three days!” cheered Samy Ellison as he walked through his front door.”Well you have someone to thank for giving you a third day of school off.” replied his mother.”Yeah, yeah I know Dr. King was great and all that stuff.” groaned Sam as he rushed to his room. Whatever holiday it is, I’m out of school, and that’s all it matters. thought Sam.


After about 30 minutes, there was a knock on Sam’s door.”Enter”, said Sam.  Sam’s best friend, Matthew came in,”Hey! Did you finish your homework yet? I did, it’s so much easier to just finish your homework so you can enjoy the rest of the break.”. “No, I didn’t really start. But.. wait, there was homework???!!! Darn it I forgot.” complained Sam. Sam checked his planner and soon enough found: January 17; Draw a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King and write 2-4 sentences about what you think of him.

“Darn it. I was hoping we wouldn’t have any homework over the break.” whined Sam. Luckily for Sam, he loved to draw, and he was an artist, but the sentences drew him for a loop.

“Why don’t you just say that you liked how he made a difference in the world?”remarked Matt. ”I don’t really know what he did, I’m not the best listener.” Sam said.”Well, I can’t really tell you that, mostly because I got to get going, sorry. Just ask your mom.”  Matt said before he left,”Uhh!!!!” Sam groaned as he went to his mothers’ room.”Hi sweetie, what can i do for you?”.”Um, well…uh..can you tell me what Martin Luther King did? I kind of…didn’t pay attention in class that much.”Sam cringed, expecting a,”What?! How could you?”, but instead he heard,”Oh Sam, that’s fine I’ll help you.”

Soon, Sam seemed to really be interested in Dr. King. He realized that if it wasn’t for him, he would have never met his friend Matt, (Matt is an African American).”Wow, I really didn’t know, I should be really thankful.”

Dr. Martin Luther King has made an excellent change in the world. When I learned about him, I noticed that I would have never met a lot of very kind people if it wasn’t for him. You notice how many people can make a difference.-Sam Ellison


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