Music Review: Koan Sound

Music Spotlight: KOAN Sound

CasasKoan (1)By: Dustyn C., staff writer

            KOAN Sound is a group of two people, Will Weeks and Jim Bastow,  from BristolUnited Kingdom, who are putting a new twist on dubstep .   They initially gained recognition as Dubstep producers, with earlier popular tracks including “Akira”.

You may facepalm or close the window right now, but there is more to KOAN Sound than meets the eye. Now, they make glitch hop, a genre of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) that sounds like dubstep, but has modern hip hop influences and is at a slower tempo than dubstep. Their sound might be marginally similar to the likes of Skrillex, but is much more different than you think!

Here are some examples of their songs to tell you what I mean:


Sly Fox:

A very jazz-influenced song that offer a strong, loud bass, and yet, it’s harmonic and danceable . Stuff that Skrillex doesn’t think of doing at all!


Funk Blaster:

Much like Sly Fox, but offers more glitch hop sounds that brings up the dance level by 9000%!


Meanwhile, In The Future:

This song represents the dubstep feel a lot of people are used to, but KOAN Sound was able to create a unique sound that really catches your attention, but in a good way!



A more calmer but stronger song than most of their other kickin’ glitch hop songs. The bass is still there, but not used in the way it would typically be used. It’s emotionally gripping and deserves a listen in order to understand what I’m talking about.

Now that you got a sample of the amazing KOAN Sound, I bet you wanna listen to more of this duo’s music! Well, good for you, because their music is available for download on iTunes, Beatport, and some free stuff is available through their Soundcloud. `If you research more, tell them I sent you! Thanks for reading!


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