Video Game Review: Sonic Lost World

Sonic Lost World Review

Gardiner Sonic     by Ryan G., Staff Writer

Since the Sonic fan-base can never decide what they want when the next 3D next gen Sonic game came out  they had very mixed reactions half of the fan-base saying “it’s great game but a little disappointing” While the other half says “This game is awful and deserves to be put in the same categories as Sonic 06, well here’s the straight up facts on this.

This game is brainchild of Nintendo and Sega’s’ new deal that three new Sonic games have to be produced onto the Wii U and other Nintendo consoles, this one is the first of the three, but enough about the back-story, on with the plot! The plot starts with Sonic chasing Eggman in the sky on the Tornado(his plane)  then Eggman drops an animal capsule making Sonic go down to chase it. Eggman then shoots the plane making Sonic and Miles (Tails) Prower make an emergency landing on the Lost Hex which they never explain what it is or why it’s there. After a few levels Sonic then meets the main villains of this game, the Deadly Six who are just here because the plot demands it. Sonic kicks away a conch shell from Eggman’s hand which he was using to control the Deadly Six making it so the Deadly six take control of Eggman’s mechs and Sonic and Eggman have to team up.

Since this is a Sonic game you shouldn’t have expected a big expansive plot unless you played 06 or Sonic Adventure 1 or 2 but this plot is awful, the dialogue is the most bland I’ve seen in a Sonic game since Sonic 06 and the villains are so underdeveloped it’s like they’re cardboard cutouts, Eggman is the best character in the game and he doesn’t do much in the grand scheme of things, and lastly the characters are uninteresting. I would talk about Knuckles and Amy but since they have no point in being here I will treat them like they’re not here.

These graphics are very good for an H.D game, but the CGI (computer generated imagery) and the level environments aren’t so bad you want to barf, if its playing in 1080p, but that’s the case with every HD game, even Pikmin 3. But the water, its so visually glaring you can’t take your eyes off it, and it’s SOLID – this game has SOLID WATER.

But a game can have O.K graphics and story but still have amazing game-play, so lets see what this game has to offer. This game ditches the boost formula from Sonic Unleashed and Generations and goes back to the adventure formula, but with slight differences, like the spin-dash is faster, you can run on walls, and there’s a run button. The level design is very tubular and has a very Mario Galaxy feel to it. This would work if the level design tried to be good and playable in any way,  but it doesn’t. The game’s design is filled with instant death traps that give you no warning on what only hurts you and what kills you on contact. This game sometimes has level design so bad it seems like the game is actively trying to make fun of you with all the deaths you’ll suffer.


This game also has a park-our system that almost never works.  What’s supposed to happen is that when you run into a wall instead of just stopping Sonic will run up the wall, or run on the side depending on how the wall is slanted. This sounds like a good idea but is executed rather poorly, Sonic  will always climb it but controlling him while on it is another thing, if you want to know what I mean, play the game.

The only redeeming factor in this game is the multi-player it has three modes and is very fun to race your friends and show them how bad the game is. It has a race, expert race, and ring race all three are fun but lack in variety.

If you want a train-wreck of disappointment, play this game. If you want a good game for your Wii U or 3Ds try games like Super Mario 3D World or Pokemon X and Y. I recommend you skip out on this one folks. Its a 1 out of 5.



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