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By: Marcus M., and Colby H., Staff Writers

Do you like taking photos, but just can’t share them with your friends? Try downloading Instagram off the App Store or Google Play. On this amazing app you can post pictures, and have friends and family like your pictures.


A new feature Instagram added is sending photos to each other, but privately, so nobody else can see them EXCEPT the people you send the pictures to. Also, you can now post videos and pictures, but the videos can’t be that long.


            You can even keep up with your friend’s daily life or even famous artists. Also you can make a “popular” page if your picture gets a lot of likes. Most people who make this page have well over 50,000 followers! The most followers I’ve ever seen is 38,022,266 followers. When you get these many followers, you’re ‘insta’ famous! This app is also FREE!


Instagram is known for its cool filters – you can change  your photos to make them unique. One of our favorite filters is making the picture black and white. Also, there are some filters that enhance the light, or give it a retro-look. There are also filters that blur pictures, except the part you want to show. There are also features that darken parts and lighten other parts such as lo-fi.


Well we think this app is great and we rate it 4.5 out of 5.0, not perfect, because there are sometimes minor glitches. Also they’re some bugs, but no app is perfect, so that’s just a minor flaw. Other than these minor problems, this app is great.


Now that you have seen this review you just cannot pass up this app. With all the amazing features this app has to offer, you have to get it! Most apps don’t have as many cool features, so this one is worth getting from the App Store and Google Play.

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