Why People Won’t Listen to Me

      Why People Won’t Listen to Me

    birthday girl By Kenadi K., staff writer


Have you ever notice when you say something and no one listens to you. You think it’s because you’re not popular and ugly. Well you are not alone. My name is Zoe Young. I go to Fairbank Middle School. People here don’t even know I exist. It has been that way since I was in kindergarten. Then out of the blue one day that all changed….


It was November 11 and I was just so unpopular when teachers called my name people would look around to see who the new kid was. For the people who did know that I wasn’t a new kid, they knew to act like I was when they were around there friends. When they do talk to me it is to tell me when their project is due. Sounds like a wonderful life, huh. Well, that only lasted for another week or so. So, let’s skip that week and go straight to the magic week, shall we?


So, it was the week of my 13th birthday. You know how when you blow out your candles your parents say to make a wish? Well, I always thought it was dumb. But I had nothing to lose, so I made my wish on my birthday.  Then it all started to come true, piece by piece….

First, my crush said “Hi”.   That’s when I knew this wasn’t going to be a normal day. Next, when the teacher called on me no one looked at me like I was a new kid. Then, I went to my normal place where everyone knows to give me their assignments. People came, but they didn’t come to give me their assignments – they came to wish me a “Happy Birthday”! Then they said “Hey, we’re going to the mall after school. We were wondering if you wanted to come with us.”

And of course I said, “Yeah, sure, whatever.”


So we went to the mall and after a while my crush, of course, showed up. After a while he pulled me away from the group and told me “Hey, I kind of sorta like you, but, try and keep it to yourself – k?”  Before he left he kissed me on the cheek and walked back to the group like nothing ever happened.


The next day came and I went up to the group that I went to the mall with and when I got there they said, “Oh, you came to get our assignment? Well, here.”


That’s when I knew it had all gone back to normal. I was pretty happy that it had, because I have to admit I don’t think I could get used to that. But it was good while it lasted.


Well, that is the store of my birthday that I will never ever forget.

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