Magruder’s Annual Geography Bee

DSC_0026Geography Bee

By: Megan K. and Nayrovi P., staff writers


The geography bee was amazing! The cafeteria was full of students sitting on the floor,talking and anticipating the competition. There were a lot of finalists there to compete and it was really exciting and epic!  These were students who got at least five out of seven answers right in the first round of the GeoBee the week before. Soon they were bombarded with questions about continents, states, countries, and a lot more geography related topics. They were tested to see how much they knew about geography.  They were amazing!

The finalists were:DSC00001DSC_0023

David Kiroloss, 6th

Daniella Fassnacht, 7th

Matthew Parks 8th

Natalie Santiago 8th

Amberlee Graves 6thDSC_0016

Annie Cho 6th

Catherine Phu 8th

Maxwell Arnold 8th

Joshua Oh 8th

Jacob Weller 7th

Melissa Luna 7th

Emily Hernandez 7th

Mark Moreno 8th

Christian Nelson 8th




But there was also sad news. Some kids were eliminated in some of the hard rounds. Many left their white boards blank without an answer. And during some of the questions they were asked, the answer was wrong. We could see the students were trying their best. They competed until there were exactly 10 finalists. Then slowly and slowly, those finalists…were…getting…eliminated.DSC00144



In the end, there were two finalists left: Joshua Oh and Annie Cho. They were asked question after question about many different geography things.  The pressure was on, and the students grew quiet while the two were concentrating. Ms. Borowski asked the question, the two finalists gave an answer. The time was ticking.


And the winner was, Annie Cho a sixth grader!  It was a tough match. After being asked many questions, the other student answered the question wrong. But everybody still cheered because those on stage had made it the top ten. They are even going to be guests in the Honorary Service Dinner.

The struggle was tough, but in the end, Annie Cho came out in first place in Magruder’s Geography Bee. She is eligible for the next step in competitions in the county. Congratulations!

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