Ms. Nunez, our Assistant Principal

 Interview with Ms. Nunes, our Assistant Principal

By: Megan K. and Khanh P.,staff DSC_0444nunezwriters

            We have a new assistant principal on our campus, and she is also our P.E. teacher.  She has been working very hard to please our school.  We asked her some questions and she has happily answered us.


“ How did you become assistant principal?” we asked. “I earned an Administration Credential from Cal State Dominguez Hills in 2009. After 17 years of teaching experience and applying for positions all over the South Bay, I landed a position here at Magruder.“ Ms. Nunez said excitedly.  ???????????????????????????????

We can tell she worked very diligently to be assistant principal.


“What do you want to do as assistant principal?”

“As Assistant Principal, my goal is to help create a safe school community where students have the opportunity to do their personal best in learning, while I  support teachers in the art of doing their best teaching.”


“ How is it going, working as a P.E. teacher and being an assistant principal?

“My position as Assistant Principal with 50% teaching responsibilities is BUSY! There is never a dull moment. It is a good transition year from full time teacher. The students, staff and parents,  are all great in understanding and being supportive in the different hats I wear this year. Everyone’s support is amazing.”


“How do you like being an Assistant Principal?

“ I love it! It is truly a dream come true. I learn so much every day from everyone. As I am helping students and teachers do what they are meant to do, I feel honored and blessed. I hoped to be an AP for a long time. Having the chance to be here, Magruder made it worth every bit of the wait.”


“Is it different from last year?

“My year is very different from last year and at the same time similar in some ways. It is different because  last year  I taught full time and did much work as a teacher leader with the teacher’s union, TTA. My work was all about creating the best place for teachers to teach and therefore making great places for students to learn. As an administrator I am still here to advocate for students and teachers best interests.  Though I am in a different position I continue to hold true to my goals and purpose of being an educator.”


We hope that Ms. Nunez enjoys her time here at Magruder, and we also hope that everyone appreciates Ms. Nunez as an Assistant Principal and a P.E. teacher. We love you Ms. Nunez!

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