Minecraft on PS3

Minecraft on PS3

lakin minecraft    By: Bryan L., Staff Writer


What, there is now Minecraft on PS3? If you haven’t noticed that Minecraft is now on the PS3, then you are way behind.

Minecraft for PS3 was released December 2013 and will be on the PS4 when it comes out. The Xbox 360 Update TU14 Adventure Mode is available now and it will be available on Xbox One in March 2014.  The reason why Minecraft is on these consoles is because, I think, many people requested it.

If you don’t know what Minecraft is then I will tell you. Minecraft is a game where you can break blocks to build a house and protect yourself from hostile mobs. Also in the game you can go on creative mode which is where you have all the blocks in the game, so you can build anything you want on the game. Now to talk about the game modes you can play on.

In survival mode, you first want to break wood so you can make tools to break stone or build a house. You basically want to build a house or a hole before night because mobs will spawn and kill you, but not all of them. The mobs that are hostile are skeletons, creepers, zombies, enderman, and spiders. There are other hostile mobs that are in the nether. Those mobs are ghasts, blazes, and wither skeletons. There is also a boss which is the enderdragon. When you kill it you want to get a piston and remove the egg which used for decoration.

The best thing in the game is diamonds which is used to craft tools and armor. You can make armor out of leather, gold, and iron as well. There is one block that you cannot break at all which is bedrock. There are also achievements that you get when accomplish it. There is also creative mode where you can obviously get any block in the game except spawners. You can also build a house on creative, and then go back to survival mode. It is kind of like cheating, but people may do it anyway.

Just to say folks that the PS4 for Minecraft will come out this summer. I would rate this game 5 stars because they have sold over a million copies already. I would recommend you to get this game because it is very popular and so much fun.

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