New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions

ManciaNew-Year_Resolutions_listBy: Lizbeth M., staff writer

            “Kristy..Kristy, come on, get up.”  Kristy Marks was in bed, being woken up by her mother.”  Come on Kristy, it’s New Year’s Eve! You don’t want to miss the big party later on.” That woke up Kristy really quickly.  It was her most favorite holiday ever, mostly because of the party. “Okay, I’m up, I’m up.” yawned Kristy. She hopped into the shower, brushed her teeth, and slipped into her favorite dress that she chose for the party.

“Before we go to the party, I planned for us to go to church…” Kristy’s mother’s voice trailed off. “What?!  But, it’s New Year’s Eve. What are we supposed to do there anyway?” Kristy complained. “Well, it was just a suggestion…I mean, if you really don’t want to…,”

“Well, of course I don’t. I want to go to the party! Pleeease!” interrupted Kristy.” Oh all right, it was just an idea…”

Yes! We’re going to the party!” Kristy happily thought.

On the way to her Cousin Jessica’s house, Mrs. Marks was talking to Kristy while she blankly listened. There was just one question that really caught her attention. “So, what’s your New Year’s resolution?” Kristy just sat there as if she was in front of millions of people.” Um…well…what’s yours?” Kristy stalled.

”Well, I want to spend more time with family…Okay, now what’s yours?” Mrs. Marks asked again.” To uh, to um-” Then Kristy thought, what have I done that I haven’t done last year? What do I want to do to make myself a better person? Then, it hit her. “I’ll tell you at the party.”

Soon enough, the family gathered together to count down.  “Okay! That’s enough, tell me what your resolution is!” Mrs. Marks impatiently said.  “My New Year’s resolution is…”.”10, 9, 8, 7…” “TO GO WHERE PEOPLE WANT TO GO AND NOT THINK ABOUT MYSELF!!!!”  “3, 2, 1,…Happy New Year!!!”.”That’s precious, how did you think of that?” Kristy’s mother asked.

“I didn’t want to go to church with you earlier, so…”

Kristy’s mom replied, “Thank you dear. Happy New Year!”


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