New Year’s Eve in the United States

New Year’s Eve in the United States

By: Amanda A. & Jessica S., staff writers


How does the United States of America celebrate New Year’s Eve?

See the ball drop in New York City: 

In the United States, New Year’s Eve is mostly celebrated with lots of fun formal parties, family-orientated, and other large public events. One very large event is the “ball drop” held in Times Square, New York City. It is when about one million people come to watch an 11,875 pound crystal ball, signaled to lower one minute till the New Year. Once the ball has dropped, thousands of fireworks, screams and cheers can be heard from miles away.


New Year’s Eve is traditionally the busiest day of the year at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and in Anaheim, California, where the parks stay open late and the usual nightly fireworks are supplemented by an additional New Year’s Eve-specific show at midnight.


There are also tons of festivities on radio and television celebrating in America pop culture. A lot of talk show hosts that are very popular to listen to on New Year’s Eve are: Guy Lombardo and his band, The Royal Canadians  with their signature performance of “Auld Lang Syne” at midnight which helped popularized the song as a New Year’s standard. After Lombardo’s death in 1977, prominence shifted towards ABC’s special Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (which has recently moved from NBC), originally intended by its creator and host Dick Clark to be a modern and youthful alternative to Lombardo’s big band music.


Another popular and simple thing to do on New Year’s Eve is people shoot fireworks on their block flowed by thousands of screams and cheers. And those were a few ways that Americans celebrate New Year’s Eve.





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