The Getty Museum Fieldtrip

The Getty Museum Fieldtrip

By: R. Patteri, staff writer


How would you like to be in a room full of world famous artwork? The 6th graders were surrounded by paintings and sculptures created by artists such as Van Gogh, and Leonardo Da Vinci because they went to the Getty Museum on their field trip.  Sure the ride was long and bumpy, but it was totally worth it. The art pieces were fascinating and just beautiful to look at. Half of the 6th grade went with Mrs. Peterson, Mr. Lee, and Ms. Yung on Nov. 10th and the other half went on Dec.16th with Ms. Jaeger, Ms. Evans and Ms. Smith, with many parents helping.

The students were separated into groups, and visited galleries with art showing Roman or Greek mythology. Students didn’t even see one- third of the Getty.   If you wanted to see the whole museum, including all the gardens, it would take a couple of days. But we did get to go to the North, South, East, and West wing. Each room had either spectacular paintings or striking pieces of furniture. The Getty is a place where you learn about art, creativity, and expression. One of the students said, “The Getty is absolutely breath-taking!! It’s kind of like your dream-house; you have furniture, food, a restroom, and many art pieces to look at.”

It is really easy to agree with that. The Getty Museum is not only going to leave you astounded by its heart- stirring beauty, but you will love the broad view of the Pacific on one side and Los Angeles on the other.  No wonder why teachers picked this place for this year’s field trip.

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