Movie Review:Frozen

Frozen Review

tran frozenBy: Jenny T., Staff Writer

          “Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle, but put me summer and I’ll be a… happy snowman!” A quote from everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf! Disney’s newest movie, Frozen, came out a few weeks ago. Many people have been talking about it, and now I’m going to review it in my opinion.


The characters in this movie were pretty interesting. Let’s start off with Elsa. Her voice is played by Idina Menzel. Elsa is a very independent person due to a situation from her childhood. Next, there’s Elsa’s sister, Anna. Her voice played by Kristen Bell. Anna is a very energetic person, and she’s pretty weird. And then there’s Kristoff, and his voice is played by Jonathan Groff. His pet reindeer, Sven, has been there since Kristoff was a little kid. I mentioned this character right at the beginning of this story, but then there’s Olaf. Olaf’s voice is played by Josh Gad. Olaf is one of my personal favorites, because who doesn’t love such a fun snowman? The last character is Hans. His voice is played by Santino Fontana.


This movie starts off with Elsa and Anna as little kids. Anna is up early, and she wants to play. Elsa doesn’t want to get up until Anna asks, “Do you want to build a snowman?” Then, Elsa gets up right away. Elsa has special powers that are kind of winter related. She accidently hurt Anna when they were playing, and due to that happening, Anna had to be separated from Elsa. Anna kept her memories of Elsa, but she forgot about Elsa’s powers. When Elsa officially became queen, everything froze, literally. You’ll find out, once you watch the movie.


You should definitely watch Frozen because it’s such a great movie for all ages, whether you’re a kid or an adult. So overall, in my opinion, Frozen is an amazing movie.

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