Variety Show Ad

It’s Time To Get Your Act Together

Jake H.’s AD:

Last Year's Variety Show

Last Year’s Variety Show Salsa Dance

Magruder’s Annual Variety Show, held every Spring, will be asking for auditions, coming soon! Actors, singers, musicians, and dancers,  it’s time to get your act together! Students choose their own music, dance, or skits to perform for the student body.  Ms. Fraga and Ms. Borowski will announce exactly when and where the auditions will be held, so listen carefully to the daily announcements.  In the mean time, get with your friends and start practicing!

Also, students who want to learn a Latin dance, either single or with a partner, please see Ms. Fraga right away.  Ms. Fraga will start lunch dance practices very soon, and she will provide the costumes.


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