Vietnamese New Year

The Origin of Vietnamese New Year

year_of_the_horse_2014_vietnamese_new_year_tết_sticker-r743ecbb6f54d4f769aba62e402ad1350_v9wth_8byvr_324By: Jenny C. & Megan K., staff writers

Chuc Mung Nam Moi! In other words, Happy New Year, in Vietnamese! Have you ever heard of that before? Have you ever celebrated Vietnamese New Year? Many people celebrate this event, but others don’t seem even know about it. Many people ask, “ Why is Vietnamese New Year on a different time and date from the real New Year that everyone celebrates?” Here’s why.


Vietnamese New Year is one of the biggest events of the year for Vietnam. For a shorter name, they called it Tết Nguyên Đán or  Tết, an even shorter name. Technically, Chinese New Year and Vietnamese New Year are the same celebration, but both Hanoi & Beijing have a one hour difference, so none starts ahead of the other.  Also, you can’t always predict when Tết happens usually because Vietnamese New Year come between  the last ten days of January to the first 20 days of February, so you just have to wait until they announce it! During the holidays, people give out money in lucky red envelopes and visit friends and temples, hoping to forget the troubles from the past and focus on hope for a new year.

There are many types of ways to celebrate it. One way is – again, giving people lucky money and going to other peoples’ houses.  People also go to parades to see the dragon and to see their friends. Another fun way to celebrate would be to go to a concert in Vietnam, full of singing and comedy. Some people play a game, kind of like gambling, but for all ages. These are great ways to celebrate.

Vietnamese New Year is a great tradition to celebrate and anybody can. Just get some money, food, a friend, and the game ( in any Asian market ) and you too can join us in the celebration. Happy Vietnamese New Year!

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