Garden Guru Club

Garden Guru Interview

garden1By: Bryan L., Staff Writer


What is Garden Guru? Garden Guru is a club that meets every Friday after school in room 17. Everyone walks to the garden and plants new crops. The garden is across from school in Columbia Park.    The Garden Club also harvests the vegetables and fruits and makes delicious recipes, such as zucchini bread.  Ms. Borowski has run the Garden Guru club for quite a while and we asked her a few questions.



Q1: “What was the reason why Garden Guru was made?”


A: “It is a tradition for Magruder.”


Q2: “What are we growing?”


A: “We are growing seasonal veggies.”


Q3: “Do we just go to the garden?”


A: “We mostly go to the garden, but sometimes we stay in Room 17 and make food from the vegetables we collected from the garden.”


Q4: “Do you think that Garden Guru is educational? Why?”


A: “Yes, because the kids get to learn about nature.”


This amazing tradition of Magruder, held by Ms.Borowski and the Garden Guru Club, is a fun and educational way for kids to learn about the garden. So join us this Friday and learn about nature with the Garden Guru Club.

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