Magruder’s Snowball Bash

By: Jessica S. and Amanda A., staff writers





The winter dance – what a great time! Friends, good food, dancing, and lots more! Plenty of people showed up for the Snowball Bash, (no snow, but lots of winter decorations).  Everyone seemed to have a great time – jumping, running around, dancing and eating. The food sold fast. There was delicious pizza, yummy cookies, and refreshing drinks.  Anybody who wanted their picture taken got it taken. DJ Ozzie had a great music selection, and even used “snowball lights”. Many people danced.  There were indeed a few dance offs, people got in some good moves. People could hang out either outside or inside, or they could just simply hangDSC_0213 around with their friends. There was also a dance contest, the winners were: Tristian Rios, Amber Martin, Virginia Rose, Jonathan Cruz, Dylan Faulhaber, Zamani Grant, and Melanie Emmerson.







Dustin Cases (6th grade) said, “The decorations were pretty good.”  He had a great time and liked the DJ’s choice of dance music. Memorie Martinez (6th grade) said, “I loved the way the whole thing was set up, and I liked that we could request music for the DJ to play.”  Many people had a great time. I had a great time also – I liked the way they set up the room. It was very cool and was filled with great memories. Next time there is a school dance I would suggest you go to it because you will have an amazing fun filled night!


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