Shot By Cupid’s Arrow

Shot By Cupid’s Arrow

cupids arrowBy: Khanh P. & Nayrovi P., Staff Writers


It is February. The month of love. The month of Valentines Day. Not that I will ever do anything to celebrate it. My name is Marcel. I don’t have many friends. Of course I’ve had crushes, but none of them would go to the Valentine’s dance with me. They prefer to go with the “populars” and their posse. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. For so my mother says. My mother always tells me, and I quote, ‘There will always be someone who will prefer one good friend than a good social status.’  To be honest, I don’t believe her.


Today, I walk into the school, and as usual, people ignore me, or push me into the lockers. I go to my locker, and get my stuff for class. I have chemistry first, and then art. As I’m getting my chemistry book, I see someone running, pushing me and making me drop my book and my glasses. I look around for them, trying to see things, blurrily. I pull up short when I feel a very light tap on my shoulder, and I see blurrily that its a girl. “Are you looking for these?”she asks, handing me my glasses and chemistry book. “Yes, thank you.”I say before rushing to my class. I get there four minutes late. Don’t blame me, blame the stairs. I was too lazy to run up them so I walked.


I walk in, and all eyes fall on me. The teacher,  Mrs. Summers, asks, “Marcel, why are you late?” “I slept in, was late, and took a while opening my locker.”I stutter, and smile nervously. She smiles sympathetically. “Ok. Excellent use of grammar by the way. Go take a seat next to Lynn.”she says. “Excuse me, who?”I ask. She points to a girl who is vaguely familiar. She looks new to the school, though. “Hi, I’m Lynn. I’m new here.”she said as if she read my mind. “Marcel.”I say. She smiles. “Oh, and by the way, you’re welcome.”she says. I frown. “Oh, you got my stuff. Thanks again.”I say. She smiles. “Good. Do you mind showing me around? The other people are kinda, rude- I mean, they ignore me.”she says. I nod. “Sure.”I say.


She sat with me at lunch. Even though people were asking her to join them, she stayed in my table. We became really good friends. Luckily, she was always by my side. And so was I. In return, I tutored her in subjects she didn’t understand. And she taught me a lot of neat things. Then, Judgement Day came. And I don’t mean the end of the world. I mean time for the Valentines Day Dance. I’m hoping Lynn would go with me. Today, we’re over at her house baking brownies. She insisted that I learn to bake, because, ‘it will help me in the future’. As they baked, I got the courage. “Lynn, would you go to the Valentines Day Dance with me? I-I understand if you don’t want to go-”I started, but she cut me off. “I’d be honored to go with you, Marce.”


I picked her up that night. She looked amazing. We drove, and got there. She was wearing a red dress, and a beautiful necklace. Her sandy colored hair curled. I guess I’ve been shot by cupid’s arrow. I like her, but won’t tell her because I don’t want to ruin our friendship. We get there, and begin to dance. Just because they call me a nerd, doesn’t mean I can’t dance. We danced to a slow song, and Lynn whispered something in my ear. It gave me sparks. She whispered, “Maybe one day.” I smiled, and I said, “Yeah, maybe one day.”

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