Chinese New Year


Chinese New YearBy:Carly Phu, staff writer

On the breezy day of January 31st many people around the world celebrated the Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, and the Spring Festival.The Chinese New Year is an important Chinese holiday that is always “celebrated at the turn of the Chinese Calendar.”Chinese New Year usually runs from Chinese New Year’s Eve, the last day of the month, to the Lantern festival on the fifteenth day of the first month. Also , “because the Chinese calendar is lunisolar, the Chinese New Year is also referred as the, “Lunar New Year.”

Although Chinese New Year has been recently known as a holiday it has been centuries old throughout traditions,myths,and folktales.For example,this one myth explains how an ancient god held created the heavens and the earth. The slime from his eggshell created the 7 continents. The eggshells from his body floated up and turned into the heavens. He held the heavens thinking that if he let it go, the heavens would fall onto the earth. As his body grew, the heavens rose. He soon found out that when he let go of the heavens, it didn’t fall. It just stayed there. He then laid down and died. That was how the world began. The god became the earth. His body is the earth.

How the Chinese zodiac became is a pretty interesting story. You see, it all began when people never knew what year it was. They then asked the great and mighty gods how to know what it is. The gods said that they should use 12 animals and use each one as a symbol for each year. They decided to restart every twelve years. Though they had one question in their minds. What animals should they use? The gods decided to make a race. The first 12 animals that went across the river first would claim the numbers. The order of animals that won was rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, chicken, dog, and then the pig.

Horse overview

This year, you’re looking at six unfavorable months, five of the good kind and one neutral. How can that be — after all, this is your year, right? But there’s actually luck in those percentages and lots of good hidden in this year. First off it’s a Wood year, which is the luckiest element for the Horse. However, beware of too much of a good thing: you can be a bit reckless when you are in pursuit of adventure. Make sure you keep your stamina up if you’re going after a long-desired goal. Sometimes you make rash decisions. If you can rein in that tendency over the next year, you should be just fine.

Horse career

Don’t pack up your desk and leave your job in a self-righteous huff. Consider the consequences. Yes, you’re likely to get an itch for change where work is concerned, but it’s actually not the time to start a bunch of new ventures or to take wild risks. Learn how to hone in on what you really want, and then draw up a practical plan about the steps it will take to get there. That’s the real source of ‘Horse power.’ So cultivate your ability to stay the course even if it gets rocky, rugged and dusty. While you should definitely follow your passion, you need to have a path and a plan already in mind. Make sure you have other resources should there be hiccups along the way. A backup plan is the best kind of plan.

Horse relationships

It’s a good idea to stay put in your love life this year as well. One day you might feel like you’re wildly in love, and the next you’re ready to jump ship. Don’t do anything until you’re sure. Distractions may get in the way of romance, so be aware that a candle needs a match in order to give off light. Single? The good news is that you won’t be sitting home on a Saturday night. Your energetic, good-natured vibe will attract lots of interested suitors, so work it. But if a few dates don’t turn into a love story for the ages, don’t fret. This year might be more about exploring your own needs, and becoming more confident, self-aware or insightful about how you interact within relationships. Hang tight. And in the meantime, enjoy the ride.





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