Puppy Love

Puppy Love

By:Lizbeth Mancia staff writer

            puppy loveAshley Tenses was walking her pet dog, Ally, through the dog park. She loves to go out with her dog. Though, there was something that she really liked about walking her dog, she would always see her best friend, Ben, playing catch with his dog, Buddy. If they got the chance, they would walk their dogs together.

Ashley had known Ben since the first grade, and they’ve been the best of friends ever since. While she was taking a break and sitting on the bench, she spotted Ben with his dog.”Hey Ben!”, called Ashley as she walked over to him.”Oh, hey Ashley. It’s nice to see you here.”, Ben replied. While the two chatted, Ally and Buddy had a little time for themselves too.(Both Ashley and Ben knew that their dogs have a little something to each other.) By the time it became dark, Ashley and Ben were at her house.”So, it looks like I should get going.” said Ben as he looked at his watch. “But uh, before I go, would you…”. Oh my gosh, thought Ashley, is he going to ask me….-”Would you like to go out together sometime?” Ben finally blurted out.  He closed his eyes, not expecting a yes.

“I would love to.” Ashley said calmly, but inside her head she was having a big celebration. Suddenly, their dogs were barking and yapping as if they were bears that found a jackpot of honey. Hmm,  maybe it could be a double date, thought Ben as he thought about Ally and Buddy frolicking.

The next day, the four of them went out to get ice cream together. When Ashley first spotted Buddy, she cracked up. Ben had dressed Buddy up in a tie, and in his mouth, he held a rose. When Ally saw him, she ran over to him, barking as if to say, How handsome you look! Oh! Is that for Me? Buddy pranced all around Ally like he was dancing, and when he finished, he bowed his head and laid the rose in front of Ally.”That is so adorable!”, swooned Ashley. Then Ben took out his rose and held it out,”This is for you.”


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