Loopy in Love

♥ Loopy in Love ♥

valentine-pictures-toughts-girl-and-boy-dancing-drawingBy: Sarah Beasley and Jenny Tran, Staff Writers

          Love feels just like I thought it would. It feels amazing. But at the same time, scary. It’s nice to be in love with someone. But once you get rejected or lose them, it all changes. It all started with Scott Mackenzie. My name is Andrea Martinez, and I’m in love.


We were in the 8th grade, and honestly, I didn’t know what love was. And then some random dude walks in my homeroom class. The new kid. Great, I thought. Another kid for me to walk around the school and act like a tour guide. That would be the 2nd year in a row, and I’ve shown about 50 kids all around the HUGE Carson Middle School. It’s a great chance to meet people, but I didn’t even volunteer myself. Everyone else did. So now, I was stuck with the new kid.


Scott Mackenzie. He’s annoying, I have to admit. But there was something about him that was different. He’s a stud, or a player, you might say. All the girls were fainting just by looking at him. Ugh. That’s just disgusting. Seriously, that’s what they’re falling for? But then again, I fell for him too. He was a cute guy, honestly. But I couldn’t fall for him. I can’t, I won’t. Well, maybe just this time. I’m falling for a stupid, annoying, adorable, funny…. UGH NO. I can’t fall for him. Oops. Too late. I can’t go back now. My teacher asks “Who wants to show Scott around?”I sat there, and I did nothing. But all the other girls, boys even, raised their hands. So of course, the one NOT raising their hand got picked. AKA me.






All I did was stare at the teacher, with a face that said, “SERIOUSLY, why me?!” Oh wait, I wanted to be picked. After class, I went to my locker and, you guessed it, his locker was next to mine. “So you’re my locker neighbor and my tour guide. What are the odds?” Scott said. I let out a huge sigh, “Follow me.” I showed him where the classes are, the cafeteria, what’s safe to eat and what isn’t, you know – the usual. When we were done we both went to our lockers and apparently we have the same schedule, so we went to our next class, science.


The teacher introduced him and he went to his seat, in front of me. “Wow,” I thought. What a coincidence. Maybe it was a sign. No, it couldn’t be. Or was it? Yes it was. But at the time I wouldn’t believe it. He was actually pretty smart for a new kid. But the rest of the day was normal. I sat behind him,or in front of him but either way he was around me. But most of the day I was thinking about the sign. What did it mean? Was it fate? I couldn’t figure it out.


Scott was pretty much exactly like me. EXACTLY. Except for the fact that I’m a nerd and he’s a jock. That was the only difference. And I mean the ONLY difference. I was laying in bed wondering what I should do about it. Should I ask him out? Should I tell him that I like him? I don’t know! How do those people on relationship shows do that so easily? Must be magic. When I got to know him some more, he was a pretty great guy. He still seemed to have that “bad boy” image. Who knows how many girls are feeling like I do? I was too tired to think about it. So I went to sleep and waited for tomorrow to come.









The next day, I woke up really early and went to school. The first person I saw was him. Scott. Just saw Scott, nothing else. He came up to me and said “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Oh yeah, it’s Valentines Day. I forgot. He gave me a card and walked away. I wondered what the card said, but I waited till lunch to open the card. I wondered how many cards he gave to girls in this school. Probably all of them. My friend, Clarita Reiner, walked to me and we went into the lunch line. “Did you get a card from Scott?” I said randomly.

“No I don’t think anyone did. Did you get a card?” Clarita asked.

“No, I was just asking,” I whispered to her. “ let’s go to our table.”

We went to our table and all of our other friends were there. We ate lunch in peace. No drama, just peace. I told my friends I had to go to my locker. They said okay and that they’ll meet up with me later. I ran to my locker and opened the card.

I finally opened the card. The moment I’ve been waiting for. It said “You’re a great friend! Thanks for everything!” Great… FRIEND?! I just got friend zoned. Ugh. That was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Once in the friend zone, there’s no way out. But I observed the card some more. There was a slit in the card, and something sticking out of it. I pulled it out and it said, “Good job, you’re smart enough to find THIS part of the letter. Meet me at Carson Park after school.”

“YES.” I thought. Maybe he does like me after all! Or maybe he doesn’t. Either way I’m happy he wants to meet me at the park.









After school, I went to the park like he said to. I saw him sitting on the bench next to the huge tree. I waved, with butterflies in my stomach.He waved back. “Hey, did you want to tell me something?” I asked. He said, “Yeah, I just wanted to say thanks for showing me around. You’re an amazing friend!” Oh God. I just got friend-zoned…again. BADLY. “Thanks, you are too.” I tried to sound happy but it still came out sad. “I’ve gotta go.” I walked away as fast as I could. He grabbed my arm and turned me around. “Come on, you’re leaving now? Come on, lets walk around.” Scott took my hand and he pulled me along with him.


We walked, talked and laughed for at least two hours. “Okay, I have to go now. My parents are probably going to wonder,” he said.

I had a good time and didn’t want him to leave, but had to let him go. “Okay I’ll see you tomorrow!” I exclaimed. He came up to me and gave me a hug. I swear my face was bright red. HE HUGGED ME! Scott let me go and his face was light pink. “See you tomorrow Andrea.” He said. I walked away and when I got far enough away I screamed as loud as I could. OMG OMG he hugged me! I couldn’t believe it. Was I dreaming? Or was I awake? I pinched myself and I wasn’t dreaming. It was true he did hug me. YES! YES! Finally I might have a chance!


But I was wrong. I confessed my feelings, and he ignored it. We didn’t say anything to each other for the rest of the year. We didn’t see each other again until years later. I was out getting coffee, like I did every morning. I saw him. I said, “Hey! Long time no see! How are you doing?” He was in a relationship with another girl that I knew. He asked me, “How about you? Anyone special?” I simply responded, “Not really. I’m still in love with my 8th grade crush.” And then I left. Not another word spoken. Falling in love with Scott, was okay I guess. I felt so upset when he ignored me. I fell in love with someone else, eventually. But I never forgot my first love. Scott Mackenzie was my first love.

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