Cupid’s Arrows

Cupid’s Arrows

cupid   By: Marcus Montoya, Staff Writer


Once upon a time, there lived an angel named Cupid. Cupid had magic love arrows that could make anyone fall in love. Cupid loved a beautiful girl named Scarlet. She had red hair that was nice and smooth. She also had a pretty music box that played wonderful music when you twisted the key. Cupid was ready to get mischievous.


Cupid was getting ready for the ultimate love attack, but it was going to be a hard job for him to do it alone. He needed a team. He was going to the hardware store when he saw somebody on the roof of Malley’s Department Store. His name was Wyatt, and he was a worker for a dragon named Brady. So Cupid flew up towards Wyatt and asked him if he wanted to join a special team called “The Shadow Knockers.” He said, “Yes I will join the team.” Next Cupid went to a dark alley and met a sly guy named Cooper. Cooper also agreed to join The Shadow Knockers.  And so, their the team was born.


The Team’s job was to get Scarlet to fall for Cupid. They had the most mighty plan. Their plan was for Wyatt to distract her because he was really handsome. Then Cooper will blindfold Scarlet, and Cupid will come out of nowhere and shoot Scarlet with a magic love arrow. The three guys stacked one of their fists together in the middle – “One, two, three, let’s do this!”


First of all they had to meet Scarlet somewhere, so Cupid called her.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Scarlet answered, “Hello.”

Cupid replied,”Hey Scarlet, it’s Cupid. Do you want to meet at the forest for a picnic?”

“Sure,” said Scarlet.

Cupid silently danced around, but calmed his voice quickly and said,”OK. I’ll meet you there.”


The plan was set. All the three had to do was meet her in the forest for the picnic.


1 Hour Later


Cupid was getting ready to go to the forest. He was putting on his finest clothes, including his Rolex watch, his outstanding tuxedo, dress shoes, and even a porcupine necktie. He drove to the forest with his Stingray Corvette 2014 model with a V8 engine and 460 horsepower. He got to the picnic in a mere 5 minutes.


He finally saw Scarlet, so he said,” Hey Scarlet, I’m here!”

She noticed him and said,”Oh, are you ready for the picnic?”

“Sure,” He replied.

They were eating sandwiches until Cupid yelled as loud as could, “Now!” All of the sudden Wyatt jumped out of the bushes and said,”Hey somebody call heaven I think they lost an angel.” She took the distraction. Next Cooper came out behind her and blindfolded her. Suddenly Cupid took out his bow and shot the most mightiest love arrow. It hit her. Cooper took the blindfold off and… It was a success! She was star struck for Cupid!



Cupid and Scarlet later got married and the Team didn’t retire. They decided to help people that have “love troubles”. Scarlet and Cupid, and “The Shadow Knockers” lived happily ever after.

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