Us Two Introverts

Us Two Introverts

                                                  glasses By Dustyn Casas, staff writer

Chapter One: Arrival


“I heard there’s a new student coming!” one of my friends exclaimed to me before my third period. He was somewhat excited to know this, most likely because it was actually a girl. I, in fact, was not excited because a formula in my head would spin out of control as if it was controlling me, saying that I would get rejected despite me never trying it out. Maybe it was because I kept on watching those cliche high-school movies and read all the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Whatever it was, I somehow knew the ending.

So I walked to my third period classroom, careless for the new student. Once I sat down, my teacher, Ms. Milesworth, cheerfully announced, “Attention, students! Today, a new student has arrived. Her name is Andrea Summers. Please give her a very warm welcome to this school.” I looked up to get a good glimpse at her, even if I was in the front row. What I saw was beyond comprehension.

She had embracing, enlightening brown hair, blue eyes so marine that the ocean would cry tears, a black “Deadmau5” shirt behind her skinny but fitting “LOL” jacket and short shorts in the style of my favorite Old Navy jeans! I was absolutely traumatized by her appearance, and really felt like love punched my whole body, making me shiver.

“Tell us a little about you, Andrea,” my teacher said to her. “Well, I came from Las Vegas. I moved here because of the better education here in Los Angeles. I have a soft spot for Homestuck, Adventure Time, and Call of Duty. I also have cravings for macaroons! Lastly, EDM is my FAVORITE music genre.” Andrea explained. By the time she was done talking about herself, I nearly fainted by the amount of things we had in common. I couldn’t believe an angelic girl like her would be such a geek like me!

“Now, Andrea, sit next to Jeremy Kramer right in the front row since you seem like you are potentially going to be one of my favorite students!” the teacher told her. Once she sat down, she waved at me and smiled. When she did this, I assumed that I needed to respond, but no words came out of my mouth.

“It’s ok to talk to me! I won’t bite! Metaphorically or physically!” Andrea said to me. She was nice AND had the same sense of humor as me! With low confidence, I spoke the first words that would eventually begin a newfound relationship:

“Hello, Andrea, and welcome to Wilfred High School!”

“Hey, Jeremy!”

“So, I heard you liked Doctor Who and Adventure Time. Those are my favorite shows, too!”

“Well, I’m not surprised.”

“How?! It’s the first guy you’ve met that has the same interests as you!”

“Well, your optimism tells me a LOT about you!”

“It shows?!”

Sandra laughed in silence. “Yup!”

The bell rang by the time the conversation got real. I couldn’t believe we had a lot in common. It was really amazing, but oddly suspicious. I was curious. I decided to follow her, as lunch has began. Now, don’t call me a stalker or anything wrong like that, but I felt like investigation was needed to dig further through this “too good to be true” situation.







Chapter Two: Investigation


          As she walked up to her table, I slithered to her, slowly and without any sound. She sat down, talked to the friends she made in P.E. Nothing special here. I was starting to get some accordance with them as they talked about the latest pop star getting arrested, until I was exposed to the light.

“Hey, buddy! What’s up!?” one of my friends interuptly said behind me. Andrea looked behind at where the sound came from. She saw me. I quickly ran away, trying to remain anonymous, but I tripped over a wet floor sign.

“What the fudge are you doing here?” Andrea asked me.

“Eating lunch,” I responded.

“Dude, why would follow me?”

“I can explain…!”

“Wait! Do you like me?!” Andrea asked.

By the time those words came out, the pressure rose from both of us, so I had to talk quick!

“I like everyone! I’m a friendly guy!” I replied as happy as I can be at this awkward moment. I felt sick in my stomach. The butterflies in my stomach died. I didn’t know what would happen at that point. It was a Jigsaw puzzle that I wouldn’t win.

“No. I mean ‘like like’,” Andrea corrected. The whole cafeteria “oohed”. How did they all know about this?! Anyway, there was a really awkward silence by the she said this. All the people were walking up to me as if a fight was going to begin. Either that, or they just wanted me to say “yes” so we can go out. From all the things that would’ve made sense, why would any of these people just want the stereotypical love story?! Anyway, each person had some kind of emotion to speak out, and each word irritated me to death.

“Come on, Jeremy, say ‘yes’!”

“Yeah, Jeremy!”

“You gotta say ‘yes’, bro!”


“Don’t use them shipping names!”


I looked for an exit, but no opening was in sight. Even when the bell rang they still wouldn’t make an open gate. This time I WANTED to go to class, and now I’m stuck in this situation. Andrea was even waiting for me to say something. Why does love have these much complications?

“Come on, Jeremy! We don’t have all DAY!” someone in the crowd spoke out.

I finally decided to say what i had in mind, in order to retain order. “YES, I DO! Ever since I saw you, I had butterflies in my stomach punching my guts like the Twilight fanbase on Chemical X! You were so beautiful, you are a picture that can’t be described in a thousand words! Now you know!” I confessed. The whole cafeteria cheered and whistled.


“Wait ‘til Twitter hears about this!”
“Tumblr’s gonna FREAK once they hear ‘bout this!”

“Blogspot and MySpace here I come!”
“Blogspot? Myspace?”

“Never mind.”

The cafeteria finally went back to class. It emptied out quicker than the population of “Enter The Matrix”! It was finally peaceful again, and no one bothered me anymore.

“Meet me at the garden after school,” Andrea whispered to me. Of course, I went. I didn’t know what to expect, but I figured that it had to do with something about this cafeteria story. Whatever it was, I have to say, this escalated quickly.





Chapter Three: Expect The Unexpected


          We met at the garden that day. I told my mom I went to the library to hang with some friends, so it’s all good. Both of us sat down at the wooden bench under a healthy green tree. Conversation didn’t start until I opened a bag of chips. From that point on, we were talking nonstop. From playful arguments to how “gif” is pronounced, to the discussion to how bad “Son Of The Mask” is, no minute was without silence, and we loved it.

It was an hour before midnight, but it was Friday, so there was nothing to worry about. The moon shined upon Andrea’s face, which detailed her to a great extent, and then she fell down into my shoulder, which made me shiver in great excitement and nervousness.

“If only I wasn’t an introvert…” I’d say to her.

“Same here,” she told me.

“Us two introverts have a lot on our mind to say, and yet we can’t say it. That’s a flaw that we can’t put away.” I’d tell her.

“Although, with me being an introvert and all, I can do this,” she responded.

“Do what?” I replied.

As soon as those words came up, she quickly zoomed up to me and locked her lips with mine like a key in a door knob. It felt like heaven was finally calling my name by then. As soon as we zoomed out of each other, it felt like finishing a chocolate bar. The feeling is sweet and amazing, but as soon as you take you take your last bite, you are left hanging until you get another bar.

We both blushed just thinking about what happened, with the moment being rushed and all.

“What just happened?” I asked Andrea.

“I think we just kissed!” she responded.

“Well, see you later, I guess,” I told her.

So we went our homes, with that moment still in mind. It was still pretty jarring to know that I was able to do that. I’m just glad no one watched me…

To Be Continued…



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