Operation Smile Brings Joy to Children with Cleft Lip

Spring Pictures

OS24428-1_HP_Rotator_941x314By: Marcus Montoya, Staff Writer

Get ready to dress nicely, and get fancy pants on, because the Spring pictures are coming to Magruder Middle School. The spring pictures are going to be on February 19, 2014. So start getting ready to iron your clothes and get pretty/handsome. Also there are no retake pictures, so smile with confidence. The money you spend on your beautiful pictures will go directly to a foundation named Operation Smile. This foundation helps pay for the medical bills to fix children’s cleft lip. Operation Smile has paired up with Life Touch for our Spring pictures, because in pictures you have to smile and in Operation Smile they fix children’s smile. The cleft palate affects a child’s swallowing and breathing, as well as the person’s looks.  So every picture that you take will help someone else’s smile. When it’s your turn, please smile at the camera so someone else can smile at a camera with new hope.


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