Sixth Grade Spelling Bee

2014 Spelling Bee

khanh 2By: Khanh P. & Nayrovi P., staff writers




A-B-C-D-E-F-G. H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P. OK, so you probably know  how to spell, but were you good enough for the spelling bee? Were you be able to spell those words? There were also be obstacles. Spell tranquility. Why? Because that was the winning word that the sixth grader, Khanh P., was given to have victory!


At exactly 8:10 a.m, all the sixth graders lined up and walked to the cafetorium to see the spelling bee. That is, except the contestants. All of the contestants lined up, and and sat down in rows. The front row walked up one contestant at a time, and began to spell.


Many contestants shockingly had errors, and was sadly eliminated. This made other contestants feel very nervous, pressured, and scared to lose. After 26 contestants being eliminated, first period was almost over, so Mrs. Jaeger and Mrs. Yung announced a quick break for everyone.

With only 15 contestants left, Mrs. Jaeger and Mrs. Yung started to read out seventh grade words, instead of sixth grade words. It was very tough, many very intelligent contestants made a small error, and before you know it, after one round only 6 contestants remained. 11 out of 15 contestants were eliminated in one single round. The words were that challenging!


All 6 contestants proceeded. The finalists were: Nolan G., Jordan G., Hannah J., Riley L., Marcus M. and Khanh P. One by one, each contestant made an error, and Khanh was last, the pressure was on, the audience was nervous.  Mrs. Jaeger said, “Your word is tranquility” Khanh answered nervously, “ t-r-a-n-q-u-i-l…” Khanh paused. “-i-t-y tranquility?” Everyone held their breath, waiting for the sound of the bell. “ That is correct” Mrs. Yung announced with the hugest smile. Everyone cheered, clapped, yelled, screamed, for Khanh. Mrs. Jaeger gave Khanh her trophy, and the other five contestants medals for proceeding so far. So, can you be such a good speller just like Khanh? You might, but she proved she that she is a great speller by winning the Magruder Middle School Spelling Bee!



“ It was tough, I never thought that I would get that far,” Jenny C., a contestant who made it to the top 15, had quoted.


“ I was just lucky, I didn’t think I would win,” our 2014 Spelling Bee winner, Khanh P. had said.


“ Khanh deserved it, she is a great speller!” Megan K., a viewer from the audience, had exclaimed.


“This was challenging, there was a lot of other smart people,” Marcus M., a contestant who had earned a medal in the final six, as a second place.


“I like how the judges added hard words to spice up the competition,” Dustyn C., another viewer from the audience, commented.

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