Honorary Service Awards for 2014

DSC_0564Honorary Service Awards

By: Khanh P. & Jenny C., staff writers

    Did you go to the Honorary Service Awards? No? You really missed out. Yes? Then great! If you did go, you have witnessed awards being given for The Reflections Contest, Geo Bee, Spelling Bee, our special guests, and PTSA Service Awards.


“The HSA was great and the food was terrific! The atmosphere was super fun and made you happy.”,said Carly Phu. You have probably tasted our cowboy feast which includes: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, bbq beans, corn and biscuits, that is, if you went to the honorary service awards. There was also dessert, which was delicious cupcakes!


“I had a great time even though I only stayed there for a few minutes!”, said Marcus M. We had a special guest speaker, Experium! They talked to us about the camp they have, their founders, and showed us some cool experiments! They showed us things about airplanes and showed us how powerful air can be!


Trophies have been given to our Geography Bee, and Spelling Bee winners! Our Geography Bee winner is also a sixth grader, Annie C.! She got her name on a plague that stays in the office recognizing her for winning the Geo Bee and gave her a pin that she could wear with her 8th grade gown. Our runner up was 8th grade Josh O.! Our sixth grade Spelling Bee winner is Khanh P.! She got a trophy with her name engraved on the trophy. Medals have been given to our five finalists in the Spelling Bee! Marcus M., Hannah J., Riley L., Jordan G., Nolan G. they were all in second place!


HSA also honored the Reflections winners for Magruder! They were Bryan L. and Aaron M. Afterwards, we had people getting the Very Special Persons Awards and the Honorary Service Awards. They were VSP Gayle Davis, VSP Jill Nowak, HSA Alicia Allen, and HSA Elisabeth Rios. To end the special event, we had a Hoedown Throwdown with Christi S., Nyla S., Erica S., Gabi Sukal, and Isabel Levy! They did a great job!

DSC_0525 DSC_0527 DSC_0533

So, if you went to the honorary service awards, then you would know how amazing it was! Many parents came to see their child get their award, take pictures of them, cheer their child on! Only if you were there, than you would have blast!

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