Student of the Month Per.2

Student of the Month, Period 2

By: Aymen Kabir and Hy Hoang, Staff Writers


On December 2nd, the student of the month assembly was held for the second period class. All students were gathered to the blacktop to celebrate their fellow students’ achievements. Luckily on the day of student of the month, it didn’t rain this time around.

For 6thgrade, there were a lot of bright students who got these memorable awards that were presented by Mrs. Jaeger. For Mrs. Takano’s Social Studies class, Phoebe Bloomfield for being a very mature and independent student who gives lots of effort. For Ms. Evans class, Allison Farr for outstanding effort and great excellence. For Mrs. Smith’s Science class, Ross Piscitello for outstanding achievement and effort in science. For Mrs. Jaeger’s class, Alicha Skaar for great participation and fantastic work in science. For Mr. Lee’s class, Ellysen Cornejo for excellence in math. For Mrs. Eisenschimel’s class, Samantha Gramajo for being an excellent student who works very hard. For Mrs. Rosechild’s class, David Rodriguez for having excellent effort and improvement. For Mrs. Peterson’s class Adnan Nizami for excellence in Language Arts.

 For 7thgrade, there some really good kids that would make great role models for the whole school.  For Ms. Levy’s Pre Algebra class, Jessica Faragallah for coming to class prepared and doing extra work. For Mrs. Aulenta’s Language Arts class Julianna Ortega for great effort and citizenship. For Ms. Fraga’s Introduction to Spanish class, Yazmine Vazquez for excellence in introduction to Spanish. For Mr. Magnus’s class, Akane Okumura and Elijah Lapid for excellence and achievement in Social Studies.

 Next, the 8thgraders and the Athletes of the Month. For Mrs. Ramos’s Language Arts class, Antonio Arndt For excellence and citizenship. For Mr. Schwafaty‘s class, Nicole Hyder for excellence in Language Arts. For Mr. Burgner’s Social Studies class, Karen Vo for excellent work. For Mr. Ryan’s class, Sydney Fajardo for outstanding job and volunteering. For Mr. Porush’s class, Cherokee Bennet for excellence in Fine Arts. For Ms. Mann’s Algebra class, Linh Nguyen for excellence in Algebra. For Mrs. Stoddard’s Science class, Joshua Wong for overall excellence.                                                                                                                                                                                      

People who are chosen for Student of the Month are students putting forth excellent effort and we just want to say great job and keep it up. 

Finally, there was an unveiling of Magruder’s 50th Anniversary Mosaic made by the 8th graders last year.  This project was started by Mrs. Liverpool and Mrs. Peterson last year for students to remember Magruder’s 50 years as an excellent school in Torrance.  Eighth graders submitted sketches and one was chosen by a committee. Then some 8th graders put the mosaic together in Mrs. Liverpool’s class during their spare time.    It will be displayed in the hallway after the new construction  is finished.                  


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