The Lego Movie Review

The Lego Movie Review

Lakin Lego MovieBy:Bryan L.,staff writer


What was the Lego Movie?The Lego movie was set in a place where the whole city was made of Legos.  It is very interesting because it is all about imagination.

It all starts when Lord Business steals the secret weapon, The Kragle.Lord Business is the president of the city.Then the movie starts off with a construction worker named Emmet starts reading his book on how to be awesome.He then goes to work and at the end of the day he meets a girl named Wyldstyle.Emmet was about to call the cops, but when he saw her she looked beautiful.She escaped and then Emmet fell down a hole and he found something called the Relic. Emmet was then knocked out when he touched the relic. When he opened his eyes he was in an area with cops all around.The cop was named Bad cop. He told Emmet about what he had on his back.Emmet was shocked and then Bad cop told Emmet that he was going to remove the relic with a laser.When laser started Emmet The cops did their best to remove it, but Wyldstyle came out from nowhere and saved Emmet by defeating all of the robot cops. She then built a motorcycle with random legos and they escaped through a secret tunnel.They then ended up in the Old Wild West. They went to the nearest town to look for Vitruvius the creator of the special. The special is the one who will save everyone from Lord Business.They put on cowboy clothes and went into the nearest bar. They went inside and saw Vitruvius playing the piano. Vitruvius couldn’t tell that they were there because he was blind.Vitruvius then told them to go to his room. They then asked Emmet if he can build a motorcycle with random legos, but he couldn’t make anything. They were spotted down by Bad cop and his goons. Vitruvius built a cowboy vehicle and they were zooming, but they were still being chased. One of the wheels broke and then Emmet used his body as the wheel with it on his head. they made a sharp turn the goons fell to their death. They then were chased by bad cop, so they jumped on a train. Bad Cop’s car turned into a flying vehicle. Bad cop shoot them off, but right before that Bad cop shot a tracking device on Emmet,but luckily Batman came out of nowhere and saved everyone.Batman was dating Wyldstyle.They then went to Cloud Cuckoo Land.They went to meet everyone and unikitty who was the princess of the area.Emmet gave a speech to the other master builders why he is the special. They all laughed at him and Metal Beard and his crew left.They were then attacked by the Cops because Emmet had a tracking device on his leg. They escaped by making a submarine but they were being flooded by water.Everyone was screaming for their lives.Batman said,” I will not die here.”Then they were being checked by robots, but they only found a double decker couch. Then when all the robots left they looked out of the double decker couch. Batman said “There won’t be ship that will save us now.” Then a ship came out of nowhere and Emmet gave speech about teamwork. He said that in order to get into Lord Business’s tower they had to build a ship like it.They needed hyperdrive, but didn’t have one. The star wars crew came out of no where and Batman took the Hyperdrive. They built the ship and went inside. they all knew what to do.Emmet had to put the relic on the Kragle and Wyldstyle was to turn off all the lasers. Metal beard and benny, the spaceship guy, were to shut down security.They got into the area to put the relic on the kragle, but Lord Business got all of Emmet’s friends in his think chamber.Lord Business threw a penny at Vitruvius and he died.He then threw it down to the of Hole of Awesomeness.Emmet ran and dived into the hole and saw a kid and his dad.The kid’s dad tried fix Emmet with the exact-o knife The kid said that it was near the Medieval time area. The kid gave Emmet the relic and took him back through the hole.Emmett could then see how to build like a master builder. He built a robot and defeated the robots and went into Lord Business’s lair and told him that he was great guy and that he was the special.Emmet said, “ If you put the relic on the Kragle it might explode.”He then believed and put the relic on the Kragle.His lair exploded and Emmet survived. Everyone was saved and congratulated him. Then new bad guys arose they looked like unikitty…

The movie plot captures your attention so much you will believe in Lego-building.They want you to also believe that anything can happen.That was the slogan of the movie.  I think it was worth 5 stars because it was funny and awesome.

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