Chocolate Shortage

Chocolate Shortage For Valentines Day ‘o’

Posada Bernard_Callebaut_pile_of_chocolate_0By: Megan K. and Nayrovi P, Staff Writers

Hello. I’m Annabelle, a 17 year old food addict. But everybody knows me as Anna. I really love oreos, and pop tarts, but nothing compares to my love for chocolate. And of course, my addiction to food. Chocolate is number one, and thats why Valentines Day is my favorite holiday. Forget the love and dates. There is only one thing I have a date with on the 14th of February. The yummy, holy godliness. . . CHOCOLATE! Where? Bre’s Chocolate Paradise, the store down the road. It really is a paradise, WAIT, no, its CHOCOLATE HEAVEN *shiver*.


To make it even better, I get all the free chocolate I desire! Its because Bre is legally 18, so her Dad had left her inheritance of the chocolate shop as soon as she became 18. So when he died, Bre legally became the owner. AND since I’m her best friend, she lets me eat anything. Today, I had oreos cereal, which is just oreos in a bowl of milk. I got up, put on my ‘I’m a Ninja’ shirt, and my black ripped jeans. Then I headed to heaven. I had a date, with chocolate. Because, its Valentines Day. I danced my way to the store, only to find a delivery van with boxes and boxes of chocolate driving off.


I go inside, and fall to my knees at the sight. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! OH MY POPTARTS!!! MY HOLY GOD OF FOOD!!!!!”I cried. Bre comes running out to where I was. “Annabelle. What happened?”she asked. I look at her, and glared. “My. . . Date. . . Is. . . Ruined!”I scream. “You sold the chocolate, didn’t you?” I ask. “There was a shortage, so that’s why it sold out and there wasn’t enough left.” Bre said with a sigh. Then her face lights up. “You know, Will bought a special $50 chocolate box.”she says, wiggling her eyebrows. I scoff. Will is my crush, but who cares about him now? I’m in a chocolate crisis right now!


“Well, thanks a lot for the crisis you left me in.”I grumble, and walk away. I go to the park, and see a couple walking, and the teenage guy gives the girl a box of chocolate. That chocolate should be mine, not hers. I walk home and listen to sad Bruno Mars songs. I then sit in the couch, googling pictures of chocolate. My stomach grumbled. But I must keep calm. Not even oreos can cheer me up. Suddenly, my phone rings. “Hello, Annabelle the sad ninja speaking.”I answered. “Anniebellie, a new chocolate order is coming tomorrow! You can eat all the chocolate you want!”Bre says., and I cheer and do a happy dance!


I get up bright and early, and walk to Bre’s shop. When I get there, they’re unloading the chocolate. I go inside, and see a table with every chocolate thing available. Bre comes and gives me a chocolate bar. “Enjoy,”she says. I eat chocolate until I can’t because for the first time, I realized, I survived a chocolate shortage or Valentines Day.

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