Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Review

Lakin PlantsvszombiesBy: Bryan L., Staff Writer


What is this new game? This game is a third-person multiplayer tower defense game. You first want to build your garden which you want to protect from zombies. You first have a certain amount of time,so you can plant plants at pots to defend your base. Now to tell you about the characters, modes, and how the waves go.

You can play the plant or or you can plant them.The sun is then used to send different things to protect your garden. The plants you can use are the chomper,cactus,power flower,peashooter,hot rod chomper,toxic peashooter,ice cactus,future cactus, mystic sunflower,fire catus,power chomper, and the sunflower.The plants that are special moves or plants you can plant are bonk choy,chili bean,doom shroom,fume shroom,gatling pea,ice-shroom,marigold,potato-mine,repeater,scaredy-shroom,snapdragon,spikeweed,squash,tall-nut,wall-nut,garlic drone, and an unknown green mushroom.These are the zombies you can play as or defend the garden from them.You can play as all-star zombie,engineer zombie,foot soldier zombie, and scientist zombie which are the newest zombies that you can be.  The zombies that will attack you when you are the plants are backup dancer,buckethead zombie,cone head zombie,zombie,imp,bomber imp, and screen door zombie.The zombies that will appear randomly or as a boss are dancing zombie,giga football zombie,Dr.Zomboss, gargantuar,yeti zombie, and giga gargantuar.

Now I will tell you about the modes in this game. One of the modes is called Gardens and graveyards mode where you are the zombies and you try to conquer the plants’ garden.You can also customize your zombie on gardens and graveyards mode.There is a mode where you choose either plants or zombie in a 24 play action.  The next mode is called boss mode which is a mode where you watch your plants from above and collect the sun power. The sun power is then used to destroy zombie forces either far or close to the garden.The last mode is called garden ops which is when you get to play as the plants and defend your garden from zombies.

In my opinion, I would give this game 4 and half stars because it has everything great, especially since you can play as 4 different zombies. It will come out on xbox 360, xbox one, and the Pc on February 25,2014. It will later come out possibly on the ps3, ps4, and on apple devices. Get the game and explore the fun on Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare.

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