After Valentine’s Day

AFTER Valentine’s Day

Kersting elephant loveBy:Kenadi K., Staff Writer

It’s after Valentine’s Day now, and most people had an amazing day. Well, I have a bit of a different story. It was Valentine’s Day (obviously), and I was dressed in pink and red. I had no valentine or boyfriend but, I wanted to make it a special day. When I got to school a couple of people came up to me and gave me candy(My favorite thing). It was just a normal day, until lunch rolled around.

My friend just got a boyfriend, it was all sweet and stuff, but she would stop talking about. It’s all he’s amazing and he’s amazing that. But their was a little secret I never told her. It was that before she came to this, me and him were together. But, I never wanted her to find out that I still had feelings for him. If she found out she would be heart broken. She loves him so much, so much she is already talking about the future. But, just to me because, she knows if she started talking about that with him he fight break up with her. Like I said it was sweet and so cute, but after a couple of weeks I started getting real jealous. Then one night I did something I never should have done…

It was around 11:00 o’clock at night and I was super tired. I was playing on my phone and I want to talk to someone so I was going through my phone and I saw his number. So I started texting him. I justed said “Hi” because I figured he wouldn’t answer. Then about 5 minutes later my phone rang. I picked it up and said “Hello”


“Hey, Megan what are you doin’”


“Nothin much how ‘bout you Alan”


“Trying to find a way to breakup with Mackenzie”


“What! Why?”


“Because I like someone else, now.”




“An ex. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and was an amazing girlfriend. I don’t know why I ever broke up with her.”


“Oh. You know she is going to be really mad at you and probably never talk to you again. What’s the girls name. Do I know her?”


“You might know her, you guys are really close, I think? I do know that it’s going to make her really mad, but I need to do it before our 6 month anniversary on the 3rd of March.”

“Oh, wow! It’s already almost here.Why would you what so long? It’s next week.”


“I know! Well I’ve got to go see you later, bye.”




That conversation was super weird. I swear that after that i seriously went to sleep two seconds after I got off the phone.The next morning I woke up I didn’t feel right, I knew exactly why.


I knew today I would have to steer clear of Alan. I might even have to steer clear of Mackenzie if he actually broke up with her. You never know he might of just been tired and been delusional last night. Well that’s what I was hoping for. But, with my luck that might not be true.*crossing fingers* I was so nervous that morning that I forgot I still had homework to do that morning. So in Spanish that morning I was doing my homework when my teacher came over and said


“Dejar de hacer la tarea”

(Stop doing homework)


Even though I had no idea on what she said, even though I’ve been in this class 3 times before, I had a pretty good idea on what she was saying. So i put my homework away and said





Then when I looked up I remembered that Alan sat right behind me. So I took out a piece of paper and wrote


So who is the girl that you like? Is she in this class? How many periods do I have with her?


I folded it up very nicely and waited for the teacher to turn around so I could give it to him. After about 5 minutes I heard coughing, so I turned around and grabbed the note, it said:

I’m not going to tell you who she is. You will see when I ask her out. I don’t know if she’s here today I don’t really pay attention to who’s in my class. I don’t know her’s or you’re schedule.


I really was not happy with his response. So I decided to listen to Mrs. Femenino (Female), I have never listened before that class so it was different. But after about 30 seconds it got boring so I went back to the note and started writing:


Fine. When are you going to ask her out? You can’t do it right after you break up with Mackenzie. If you do it won’t be right. Just wait about a week after you break up with her. When are you going to break up with her?


Yet again I waited for Mrs. Femenino to turn around so I give the note to Alan. It wasn’t till 30 seconds later that she finally turned around. So i reached back gave to him and went back to drawing on a piece of paper that was passed out. I had no idea what it was for so I was just drawing on it. That’s when I heard footsteps and a shadow above my, I knew perfectly who it was.


“Dejar de dibujar en clase, se supone que tienes que estar leyendo. Ahora lea”

I seriously had no clue on what she just said. So I asked her in english:


“How do you say ‘I don’t understand what you just said’ in spanish.”


“Get out. You’re in trouble. I will be out there in a second to send you to the office.”


On my way out Alan handed me the note. As soon as I got out their I read it and I was surely not happy with the response.


I don’t know yet when I’m going to ask her out, but don’t worry you will know when. I know I’m going to wait about 2 weeks after I break up with her, don’t worry. I’m going to break up with her today next period. Nice job! You got in trouble.


After I was finished Mrs. Feminino came out and sent me to the office. I was in their long I was at my next period on time. I have Alan and Mackenzie second period. I knew right when Mackenzie found out that he wanted to break up with her. I was perfectly clear.


After that about 2 weeks in the future I knew it was time for Alan to ask out this girl that he’s been saying he’s going to ask out. So it was first period and I wanted to find out when he was going to ask her out, but I didn’t want to get in trouble so I pulled out my phone and said:


When are you going to ask out this mysterious girl?


Like only a couple seconds later he tells me that he’s going to at snack. I was mad because snack was still a whole period away! But I couldn’t do anything so I just live with his answer.


Then finally came snack. I was so happy to find out. Then Alan came over and said


“Ok, ready to find out. Let’s go.”


“I’m so ready to find out. Wait where’s the girl?”


“She’s right here.”




“Megan, would you go out with me. I know we have tried this before and I was the one that broke up with you, but it was the biggest mistake I have ever made. Please can you give us on more chance? Please?”



To Be Continued…

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