Super Bowl Review

Super Bowl XLVII Analysis

watch-2013-super-bowl-xlviiby: Jake H., staff writer

       I guess people knew by the 3rd quarter that this would be one of the worst super bowl’s since Super Bowl XXIV. I mean literally, every quarter the Broncos just laid down and DIED, I’m not even kidding, here are the scores of each quarter 8-0, 22-0, 36-8, 43-8, not even kidding. They may have scored a little to bring their total to 8, but that’s still pretty pathetic. I mean this game was like worlds colliding! The best offense vs. The best defense! But no, it turned out to be a game where everyone watching got really uncomfortable in the first quarter because they knew what would happen. The commercials were pretty lame by super bowl standards as well. What a shame, what a horrible shame.

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