Robocop Review

Robocop Review

robocopBy: Ryan G., staff writer

Since this era it’s hard to start new franchises, it’s time to reboot another one, and this time it’s Robocop. THIS REVIEW IS FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS NEVER SEEN THE ORIGINAL. A trailer was shown sometime in 2013 and from that trailer you could gather that this was a new direction for the franchise because Robocop is sporting a new Redesign and he looked to be more agile and modern since the original. He also seemed to have more of a personality than the original, in an effort to make him a more relate-able of a character.

This movie starts with a talk show talking about how we have Robots in other countries upholding the law. But in America our crime is double theirs, we have banned robots here,and during a shoot-out a cop named Alex Murphy dies but the company that creates robots called Omnicorp thinks to put a man inside a machine for a loophole in this. So in comes Robocop here to uphold the law, protect the innocent, and serve the public trust.

          I won’t spoil this movie, but I will say that for some reason they decide to make this movie a more modern approach, which was a good idea. In the original the company was pure evil but in this one there are some glints of light in the company, but the military is almost pure evil for basically colonizing other countries into perpetual military states.

          Also Robocop himself looks and feels more robotic but sounds more human and innocent, so it feels more like a crime when they turn him into a robot. Which is a big plot point in this film, that it’s not right turning a man into a machine but it’s handled quite well, and it when he accepts that he’s part machine and SPOILERS tries to investigate his own murder it all makes sense as to why they would try to kill him twice.

          Most of the CGI in this film is basically Robocop and the ED-209s, the Ed-209s look kind of out of place at times but they look good while in battle. But the thing that looks the best is obviously Robocop himself, the trailers and pictures did not do him justice, the original suit and the new redesign look great in motion but don’t really look all that good in the trailers.

The characters in this movie are also very good, the movie does a good job making you feel sympathetic for some characters, and making you hate another, work like this really makes you root for the good guys to win. But I will say that the ending for this film was not satisfactory at all, and this movie could stand to be a lot more campy and have more one-liners just to make it feel more like a Robocop movie.

This was a great stand-alone movie even though some people may say the original is better this movie probably one of the best Robocop movies to date and a must see for any fans of the franchise who just want to see a great unneeded reboot for more people to get into Robocop.

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