The Ruby of Hearts

Bob the Blob in the Adventure Pineappleopolis – The Ruby of Hearts

rubyBy Colby H. and Marcus M., staff writers

(Good Story and Setting for a new phone app game.)

Once upon a time, there was a little blue blob named Bob. He had another blob friend named Jel. They were best friends since they met on the first day of Pre-School. They hung out together all day at school, even after school because they lived on the same street. They would always be at Jel’s house till Bob’s mom would call and want him to come home. Life was perfect for the two of them, until one day they were playing outside and they were thinking what would happen if we went on a spy adventure to get The Ruby of Hearts. The Ruby of Hearts was a stone that was only found in a temple named The Power of Stones. It is located in a small town named Pineappleopolis. They decided to call their mission named The Beauty Stone.


They arrived in a military helicopter, piloted by Jel. When they arrived to Pineappleopolis, they thought the city was a ghost town. The only thing that was left was a banner saying “vote for your town mayor!”  As they further explored the town, they found a gigantic volcano hole that had a red light gleaming from the crater. Finally in the middle of the town, in the crater, there it was… it was the … Ruby of Hearts- right there!  It was magnificent, it was bright red and shiny.


Bob the Blob said,” I can’t believe my eyes.”

“ We found it Bob. All of our hard work has payed off so soon!” exclaimed Jel.
Suddenly, the ground started rumbling and shaking. The gigantic volcano started erupting. Magma was shooting out volcanic bombs from the crater. The pyroclastic flow was deadly. Lava started pouring down the sides quickly. Jel and Bob hopped on to the temple hanging for dear life. Now they are just figuring out why everybody left the town.


“ I told you this was a bad idea Bob, we should of never done this.” Shouted Jel over the loud ruckus the volcano was making.


“ We still could finish the mission, we can’t give up that quickly.”  Bob replied.


“I’m going to call the chopper to come and get us,” said Bob.


The lava started getting closer and closer to them. Suddenly Bob leaped into the volcano. A few minutes later Bob popped out of the crater with the Ruby of Hearts! Then, the helicopter landed,  Bob and Jel hopped in and were on their way home.


Epilogue: Bob the Blob and Jel later sold the Ruby of Hearts to a museum and became millionaires. They also became spies that went on missions getting priceless artifacts out of places they shouldn’t be. Bob the Blob and Jel lived happily ever after.

(This idea is copyrighted – so don’t even think of creating this app without contacting us first.)

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