Washington’s Birthday

Washington’s Day

FreeVector-George-Washington-580x408   By:Bryan L.,staff writer

What is Washington’s Day?This is a holiday where we celebrated Washington’s Birthday.This holiday is celebrated across the United States and is on the third Monday of February.This holiday also called President’s Day. Now, I will tell you about Washington’s life.


George Washington was born on February 22,1732 in Virginia living with his great grandfather,John Washington.They Lived an area granted by Henry the eighth.Washington’s dad was Augustine. He had slaves,built mills, and grew tobacco. George Washington was one of three children of Jane Butler who George’s mom who died in 1792. Augustine later than, married Mary Ball. They then had three more children which George was the oldest.George cut down trees and once threw a silver coin in the Potomac river after chopping down a cherry tree.At the age of seven to fiftenn, George was homeschooled and studied with a church sexton and later on was schoolmastered in math, geography, and Latin.  At the age of 11 Washington’s dad died and was ward son of Lawrence. After being an acquaintance of backwoodsmen and plantation foreman he mastered growing tobacco, stock raising, and surveying. Lawrence married Annie Fairfax.  At age 16, he went with a surveying party to Western Virginia territory.  While doing this he toughned his body.  He started to work for the military at age 23. He went on a expedition to capture Fort Duquesne.  Before the arrival there was a fire and it killed 14 people and wounded 26 people.However they still won the battle.  After a month of military he married a widow named Martha Dandridge Custis. They had two children named John and Martha.George also became one of the wealthiest people after military service. He did hunting, fishing and many other things while he wasn’t in war.

On June 15th, Washington was Major general and Commander-in-Chief to lead against Great Britain. They won, but the war continued until General Howe made a way to win American Independence. In 1787, Washington was choosen as President at the Constitution Convention. In 1789, he was finally accepted to be our first President. He is the only president ever to receive all votes from the Electoral College.  When he was president, Congress asked a $25,000 salary for the office of presidency,and he declined the offer.  He was a great administrator and he appointed Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.  He wanted to return back to Mount Vernon for farming.  He was the the first president to establish a peaceful transition of government.  He returned to Mount Vernon in Spring of 1799.  When he returned home he slept and the next morning, he felt ill. He then died on December 14 in 1799.  For the years since, we started to to celebrate this day to honor him.

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