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robocop_poster_p_2013 By: Jake H., staff writer

            Well, before I go into detail about my feelings for this particular movie, it will never be the original. Heck, no movie can, but, this is a DIFFERENT kind of Robocop. Basically, it’s exactly like the scenario if Richard “Dick” Jones got ED-209 working and shipped him to the military like he said he was going to do. So basically you can compare the Enforcement Droid’s to the Gekko’s in Metal Gear Solid 4 (even the location is basically the same!) and they keep the “peace”. The movies tone is drastically different from it’s distant predecessor, partly because of the different MPAA rating, from an R to PG-13. I personally was skeptical about it, but not hopeless. Yet it made up the ratings gap pretty good, I mean when I was watching it I was wondering if it would have AS many memorable scenes as the original, and yeah it had a sizable amount of scenes that still stick out in my head as I still think about it. The movie’s story was actually handled pretty well considering how alot of the older Robocop’s went. The acting, reactions, and even some technology was believable. I do think Robocop’s newer design still doesn’t agree with me a bit, but it was serviceable. I was fascinated with it half-way through the movie, I was so invested in Alex Murphy, and the conflict he was going through. I wasn’t fully satisfied with the ending a bit though, it ended so abruptly I felt like they needed 10 more minutes to wrap EVERYTHING up, but I see where they’re going with it though, I smell a sequel. I didn’t feel like this movie really didn’t improve on the original, it lacked some memorability, the extremely quotable scenes, and the character development in general, but it was a fun 2 hours, and it’s probably the best movie in theaters right now (up until Godzilla that is).

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