Seventh Grade Wizard of Oz Play

7th Grade Wizard of Oz Play

By: Lisa Pham, Daniel Vu, & Matt Bui, staff writers


What a great performance!  On Thursday, December 16th, 2010, Mr. Burgner’s 7th grade drama class had their Wizard of Oz play in the cafeteria. The main characters were Shayne Ward, Marissa Grinnell, Zack Valle, Ryan Tobias, and Owen Canady.

“Everyone did a fabulous job,” Ms. Borowski remarks. “The actor’s projected their voices, had perfect timing for laughs, and all knew their lines. It was like seeing a play at the Armstrong Theatre.” The play went along the lines of the original film, but with a bit of modernization. It ended with much applause and everyone had a great time watching.

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