Leprechaun’s Charm

Leprechaun’s Charm

Posada leprechauns charm picBy: Khanh P. & Nayrovi P., Staff Writers

         “Lily? Are you still reading? Go out for a walk, its a lovely day.”my mother said. Lovely day. Not really. There’s too much sun, and anyways, its St. Patricks day. Everyone laughs at me because last year, I dressed up like a leprechaun and took cookies that looked like coins in a pot. Everybody laughed at me. After that, everybody calls me ‘The Dublin leprechaun’. Its a Saturday, and I close the book I was reading. How I wish I can finish Mockingjay. I’m two chapters from the end.


I put on my green ‘I’m Irish But Don’t Kiss Me’ shirt and slip on my green converse along with black ripped skinny jeans. As soon as I exit my house, three girls pass by and yell out, “Aww, no cookies today, Dublin Leprechaun?!” I look down, and my eyes land on a perfect 4 leaf clover. I pluck it, and put it in a ziploc baggie. I walk on, avoiding the evil looks. Just then, a green car drives by, splashing them with muddy water. Wow. Talk about karma. I walk to the nearest park, trying to ignore the shrieks they are giving because their classy outfits are ruined.


When I get to the park, I walk over to the pond. I see a field of clovers. I pluck one, and it is also a 4 leaf clover. There’s a whole bunch of them. I collect some, and then I come across a hole. I look inside, and I fall in. When I get up, I notice its a small underground chamber. I see some green suits lined up in a closet, and I gasp. I must be in a leprechaun hole. I see a map on the floor, and I pick it up. It says: To follow the lead and get to the gold, you must find something in here that looks like its old. I frown. What in here looks old? I look around and find an old looking picture of a rainbow, really faded. I get it, and look behind the frame, and see another note. This time, it says: You just went one step farther ahead in the game, now go to the place in this park where you can make a flame. Look for the ash if you want not to be lame. “The barbecue grills!”I say to myself. I run and find  barbecue grills, and look for the one with the most ash. When I find it, I dig under the ash and find another note.


Go now to the rock near the clovers and pond. There you will find something that of it, youll be fond. I run to the rock, and find a little box with a clover. I open it. Gold. Lots of gold and I shove it into my jacket. I run home. And I also exchange the gold for money. And its $19,753.38 in total. I know, I can’t believe it either. I saved plenty for college, and bought myself a few things. And a new iphone and laptop which I take to school. Also, I bought some super expensive shoes that Christi, the girl that calls me stuff, is jealous, and tries to become my friend cause of my money. As if I’ll give her MY money.


The next day, at school, Christi comes in with green clothes. And highlights. She looks by the clovers, hoping to find gold. I take out my iphone, and record her. “Ugh! Its your fault for being a Dublin leprechaun!”she screeches. I laugh. “That iphone should be mine! Now I’m still stuck with this flip phone!”she says, throwing a tantrum. “I guess my leprechaun’s charm didn’t rub off on you.”I say, and walk away. I lie on the floor looking at the clouds. I find another 4 leaf clover. . . Ok, if I find another clue, I’m going to flip. I’ll just let Christi find it. I’m through being a leprechaun. I just want to be Lily.

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