The History Of St. Patricks Day

The History Of St. Patricks Day

Posada history_of_st_patricks_day_pictureBy: Khanh P. & Nayrovi P., Staff Writers


Its March, and for many people, that means March 17. For many people,  that date means pinching. Because if you don’t wear green, you will get pinched. Although many people think they’ve grown up since those childish moments, the custom still lives on. BUT, where DID these customs come from? Well, as usual, we have the information, just for you!

St. Patrick’s Day is also known as The Feast of Saint Patrick and  Day of the Festival of Patrick. It is a cultural and religious holiday that is yearly commemorated on March 17. As most of you can tell by the name, its is in honor of Saint Patrick (AD 385–461), the most commonly recognised of the patron saints of Ireland. It was made an official Christian holiday in the early seventeenth century. Saint Patrick’s Day is observed by the Catholic church, the the Anglican Communion, especially the one in Ireland. Also, by  the Eastern Orthodox Church and Lutheran Church.


Now, lets talk about the customs got created. Most people wear green on this day, for else you get pinched. Primarily, it is said that the color associated with Saint Patrick is blue. So where did the green come from? Well, the color green, a color located between blue and yellow, had a unique way of making its way to this holiday. They say that Saint Patrick used a shamrock, a low-growing, clover like plant with leaves that are traditionally three-lobed. He used the shamrock to preach about the Holy Trinity.


But we have many customs and legends. Here in the United States, we wear green. That’s what many people do. Also, many people are usually eating and drinking. Or they are at religious observances, and numerous parades. The holiday has been celebrated on the North American continent since the late 18th century. People always say that at the other end of the rainbow is a pot of gold, and they think a leprechaun put it there. So, people wear green, and talk about leprechauns.


So, this is the history of St. Patrick’s Day! And remember, wear your green colors so you don’t get pinched! And if you see a rainbow, remember that a leprechaun probably put a pot of gold there or you! Just kidding, those are just myths created or this day. But you never know…

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