Leprechaun Madness

   Leprechaun Madness

images   By Marcus M. and Colby H., staff writers

Once upon a time, there was a leprechaun named Noah. There was something about Noah that made him different from the other kids on the playground.  He was taller than the other leprechauns. One day a new student arrived at Noah’s school. The word got around that he was also as tall as Noah.


People later found out that his name was Jeffery. He was a top end student that had straight A’s since he began school. He also challenged people to play mind games, and he won all the time since all the games were rigged. He was a con-artist that asked for people’s money when they lost his challenging games. One game he always won was three cup Monte. He always won- nobody ever beat him, until Noah challenged him.


The ball went in the cup and the game was on. Everybody crowded around to see this amazing battle. Noah went first. He started shuffling the cups really fast so nobody could find the cotton ball. He was finally done and he told Jeffery to pick the cup with the ball.


“Go ahead and pick,” said Noah anxiously

Jeffrey replied,” I’m thinking….”

“Are you sure, or are you just scared that you are going to lose. If not, pick already.” said Noah.


Jeffery picked the middle cup carefully. He picked it up with one hand and he picked the wrong one. He actually lost at his own game. Now it was Jeffery’s turn. He shuffled the cups even faster than Noah did the first time.  It was confusing for Noah to think since they were going as fast as the speed of light.


“Go ahead and pick,” said Jeffery.

“Hey, don’t rush me!” said Noah


At that moment Noah knew this would be a difficult decision. Then Noah chose the middle cup. Jeffrey lifted the cup… amazingly the ball was there! He had just beat the greatest shuffler in the game .

A couple days after the match, Jeffrey disappeared. Nobody heard about him since then. People now tell stories about him. Well, I guess nobody will ever understand this tale.


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