The Leprechaun’s World of Gold

The Leprechaun’s World of Gold

Lakin leppot1   By:Bryan L.,Staff Writer

Once upon a time, there was a group of kids named Bob,Jess,and Frank. Frank was a 12-year old boy in sixth grade that is a noob. Bob is another 12-year old boy in sixth grade that is strong. Jess is a 12-year old girl in sixth grade that is smart.The story begins when they are at school .

On March 23,2300 the kids were in math class reviewing on how to multiply fractions.While they were there, Bob was looking for his pencil because he lost it. He then saw a little leprechaun roaming on the floor, and Bob noticed it had his pencil . He dove for the pencil and he noticed that the leprechaun disappeared.His teacher, Ms.Jagfree, asked,  “Why are you on the floor?”Bob said,” I saw a leprechaun and it had my pencil .”Ms.Jagfree said,”You are just a kid that believes in fantasy,and you are going to detention,mister!”  After class, they all met up and walked with Bob to detention. They had a plan of getting Bob out of detention by hypnotizing the teacher. It worked and they went out of school,  but they somehow went through a worm hole that led to a world of gold.There were no exits anywhere and so it begins.

They were wandering around looking for food because they were starving.They saw a little house in the distance, and it smelled like they were baking pie.They knocked on the door and someone came out and the three asked,”Can we stay here for the night?”  The man was old and said,”Sure.”  The three friends told him that they walked through wormhole and they were wondering how the old man came in.  He said he came in by the same way.  Something strange was that Bob brought three blankets,so his friends and him could sleep and keep warm.  The next day they woke up and the old man was making pie.  Jess asked,”What is place called?”  He said,”I don’t really know!”

Meanwhile in school,Ms.Jagfree called the principal to find Jess, Bob, and Frank.  They called their homes and their parents said that they didn’t come back home last night.

Back in the world of gold, they were using shovels to see what this land may be called. They found gold and told the old man what they found. Frank said,” We should call this, the world of gold.”  They brought the brick of gold to the old man and he said,”Wow, we are going to be rich!”  They were thinking of building a portal.  They started to look for more bricks, but it started to get dark.  Frank said,” Guys,can we go back to the house.”  The other two said,”Nah.”  Then a huge leprechaun came out of nowhere and said,” Give me those gold bricks if you want to go home.”They accepted and gave the gold bricks, but the leprechaun tricked them.Instead of fighting for it back they went to look for more. They found eight gold bricks and built a portal.They asked if the old man wanted to come.He replied,”Sure.” They all entered the portal and they were in Bob’s house.  Bob and his friends were scared of their parents.They went down stairs and they saw their parents. They all ran for joy to see them,but their parents were mad.They said,”Where were all of you for the last few days!!!!”Bob said,” We were all walking out of school,but somehow we entered through a wormhole that led us to a world of gold. Their parents apologized and they said that they will tell the teacher what happened.

Their parents all went to school and told Ms.Jagfree that they shouldn’t get detention because they walked into a world of gold.A leprechaun just appeared out of no where and told everybody where his pot of gold is.They all, “ We know that you are lying!!!!” The leprechaun started to cry, but Frank said, “ I think this leprechaun is acting friendly.” The little leprechaun said,” Yes, I am and I will tell for sure where it is.” They then followed the leprechaun and his gold was hiding in the bathroom.They all said,” We are going to be rich. Hooray!!!!!” They all went home with 50 pieces of gold each and they repaid the leprechaun with real money because they tricked him by saying cash is worth more than gold.  In the end, they were all wealthy after tricking the leprechaun.

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