Fool For The Day

Fool For The Day

Posada fool_for_the_day_pic_By: Nayrovi P. & Megan K., Staff Writers

  I have the perfect day planned for April 1st. I will be the prank master. My name is Jacob. And everybody knows me as that quiet boy. But I’m finally coming out of my shell. And tomorrow, everybody will learn who the real me is. I creep downstairs at the crack of dawn. I quietly get a pot and boil water and add half the eggs. I wait until they are hard boiled, and I put them back into the fridge. Then I also switch the fruit with styrofoam ones. I get a rubber snake and some fishing line. I tie the fishing line around the snake and then attach the other end of the line to the inside of a cupboard that opens and closes. I set it up so that when they open the cupboard, the snake will jump out.

            I then sneak into the bathroom, and get the roll of toilet paper, and glue the loose paper to the roll. So when they try to get some toilet paper, they won’t be able to without ripping from another side. Then I sprinkle salt in my brothers’ toothbrushes. I sneak out, and roll like a ninja to bed. I pretend to sleep when I hear my brother laughing, making his way to my room. I sneakily peek as he sits squeaky toys on the floor. He expects me to not see them, and step on them, making them squeal. Little does he know, I won’t fall for it. Whereas he will get pranked.

            I wake, and walk downstairs. My mother is at the kitchen, getting eggs out of the fridge. She cracks it, but no yolk and whites come out. She frowns, and gets another, and this one is not boiled. Then the other one she cracks is, and she sighs. Tommy, Willis, and Jack, my three older brothers, walk downstairs. “Ok, boys. Who hardboiled all the eggs?”my mother asks. They all shrug. Then my father comes in. He grabs an apple. And. . . bites. . . into. . . it. “Why are the fruits fake?”he asks, getting a real one from the fake fruit bowl. He caught on fast. My mom shrugs, and opens the cupboard. “AHHHHH!”my mother screams as a ‘snake’ jumps out. My dad stomps on it, and frowns as he realizes its fake. I finish my orange juice, and get my backpack. I slip two bottles of fruit smoothies in my backpack.I run outside, and put a black balloon on the back smoke pipe of our car.

My dad comes out, and we get in the car. As he turns it on, he drives back and something ‘pops’. My dad goes out to check if it was the tire, then comes back with a popped balloon. “That troublesome trio will get it.”he mutters, referring to my brothers. We get to school, and I… (This next joke is old but it still works)…. I superglue some coins to the school sidewalk without anyone seeing. I make sure it’s an appropriate place, and go back to class. When everybody goes to recess, the teacher goes to the lounge. I while some kids take off their jackets, I put a whoopie cushion on her chair, then run to the bathroom. Yup, we have a bathroom inside the room. We’re awesome like that. I mix the strawberry smoothie with a blackberry cherry smoothie, and it makes a nasty color.

I spill it on the floor, and run to recess. I see a bunch of kids struggling to get the coins. Even some teachers were there. Finally the bell rang and they gave up. We went in, and took our seats. My teacher, Mrs. Skyward, said, “Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this foolish day. We must have looked like crazy folks trying to get those coins.” Everybody nodded, and she walked over to her chair and sat down. “Pffffffft!”the fart noise made everybody laugh as my teacher turned red. “Innocent children.”she muttered. Then a boy named Gerard raised his hand. “I need to go to the toilet.”he informed her, and she nodded. I stifled a laugh. “EWWWWWWWWW!”he shouted. “Someone puked!”he said, running out. I couldn’t hold it. “HAHAHAHA! April fools! I did everything! The coins, whoopie cushion, and puke!”I said, cracking up. Everybody laughed☻.

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