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Tran LuckystpatBy: Jenny T. ,Staff Writer

           St. Patricks Day, 2009. The day when all my luck changed. I was the MOST unlucky person out of all the 7 billion people in the world. I can’t believe that a little over the top, green makeover would change everything for me. Let’s start at the beginning…


Around February, I moved from Michigan to New York. I went to Oakdale Middle School. I met a few neighbors, one of them is currently my best friend. But I started going to my new school a week before St. Patrick’s Day, and everyone LOVED St. Patrick’s Day. I didn’t like St. Patrick’s Day. All the green hurt my eyes, and it was kinda dumb to me.


It was March 10th, a week before St. Patrick’s Day and the day I went back to school. The neighbor I mentioned before, AKA my best friend Maddy, is the beauty guru of our whole school. And she wants to “green me up” for St. Patrick’s Day.


“C’mon, you know how unlucky you are! Maybe a little more green can make you less blue!” Maddy said.


“I know, I know. That’s why I’m letting you take care of how I look on St. Patrick’s Day.” I replied.


It was the day of luckiness, even for me, surprisingly.

Maddy was thrilled, she even bought different outfits for me to try on to see what I should wear. I ended up wearing a mint green t-shirt that had lace on the front as a design, neon green pants, (which almost blinded me…) and some dark green converse. I looked WAYYY too green! But I can’t really complain, because I was extremely lucky that day.


It all started during first period. I didn’t expect anything GREAT to happen, but I was wrong x10000. My teacher (LEAST FAVORITE) was apparently out, so we  had my favorite sub, Mrs. Fontina. She was SOOO nice! She gave us candy, let us mess around, and we even got to take our phones out during class.


In my second period, there were tons of people absent, so we got to go outside and hang out. Basically, every class I had was no learning, and 100% fun! And during lunch, my crush, who is the king of our school, asked me out. I thought I was dreaming, but I wasn’t. And believe it or not, I found 50 bucks on the ground.


“WHAT IS LIFE.” I said to Maddy.


“See? I told you that a little green makes people less blue.” Maddy said.


So, I guess it’s kind of true. St. Patrick’s day is the luckiest of the year. Well, for me at least. Like Maddy said, “A little green can make you less blue.”


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