MathCounts Competition

Marvelous Mustangs Compete in MathCounts

           IMG_1994 By: Lizbeth M. and Carly P. staff writers

            Did you know that Magruder students participate in math competitions in the South Bay? Math Counts is one math contest that took place in March.  It is a program where students can really show off their mathematical skills.  Math Counts  is a national math coaching  and competition program that promotes middle school mathematics  achievement.  Our Sponsor, Exxon Mobil, made this math competition possible by funding this event.

How do you prepare for competitions? Attend Math Club!  In this Club you can make new math friends, sponsored by Mrs. Johnson in room 28,  every IMG_5385Thursday, during lunch. In Math Club, people work on math packets to help them work up to their potential for upcoming math competitions.

On Saturday, March 1, 2014, 8:00-3:30  MathCounts had their very first competition at Northrop Grumman, along with Hull Middle School. Before the competition Mrs. Johnson’s enthusiasm pumped her team. “Magruder is going to show what they can do in math!”   The kinds of questions given to contestants are from Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Algebra 2, and Trigonometry. This is what Math Club students study in their packets.

If you want to join the Math Club, there has to be some requirements. For example, you must show up for all of the meetings, you need to be committed,and you need to persevere through hard problems with help from friends and Mrs. Johnson.

DSCN0599        Mrs. Johnson mentioned to us that this was her first time sponsoring MathCounts. She also added, she had so much fun this year  that she is going to do it next year. An upcoming event the club is preparing for is  the Math Olympiad, a competition in May, and they are training in two weeks.

The students in MathCounts are Carly P., Kayla V., Catherine P., Max M., Justin V., Delany S., Kevin T., Courvoisier H., Christiana S., Parham N., Matthew S., and Aldeir V. Students can participate as an individual or in a group. In individual, you work on the math packets by yourself, or, in groups, you work together to solve the problems. The packets are speed problems, and you have about 5-6 minutes to do them. They are not hard, they are manageable.

IMG_8795DSCN0593MathCounts is an excellent item to list on your college resume, words from Mrs. Johnson. Another piece of advice Mrs. Johnson gave us was that students should participate in some kind of competition based on what you like to do. So when the college admissions counselor looks at your resume, she or he will know that you put forth extra effort!
As you can see, MathCounts gives so much, so,”Come! Join us! Let’s have some fun!”, words of Mrs. Johnson. Take her advice, show off what you can do. If you join, you just may surprise yourself!

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