College Week at Magruder

College Week

DSC_0770 By Marcus M. and Colby H., staff writers


Did you like college week? Well, we sure did!  It was great meeting all those college athletes from the California State University Dominguez Hills and also from our local El Camino College.


First, college week kicked off with a fun game called Balloon stomp on Monday. Kids tied balloons to their ankles and tried to eliminate all other teams in order to win raffle tickets which could be entered for prizes.  Teacher got involved by decorating their classroom door.

Ms. Jaeger's door won first place.

Ms. Jaeger’s door won first place.


On Tuesday there was a skittles race where you had a team of four and you carried a spoon with skittles to a cup. Then once all four kids finished you would race over to the hula hoop and try to put it over everybody’s head without your hands touching the hoop. Also you got to keep the skittles you piled up in the cup, so that was cool.DSCN0491


On Wednesday, college athletes from El Camino College and California State Dominguez Hills played sports with Magruder students! There were Volleyball players, the Warriors, from El Camino, and the Toros Baseball and Basketball players from Cal State Dominguez Hills. Magruder Mustangs greatly outnumbered the college students, but we took on the CSUDH Toros on the courts and had a lot of fun playing ball with the athletes.DSCN0705DSC_0667


On Thursday there were volleyball players from Cal State Dominguez Hills. The players were friendly and active, and interacted with the students very well. There were also Toro track and field runners. They were so fast they could race Roadrunner andDSCN0691 maybe even beat him. These college athletes played double-dutch jump rope with the students. And then there were the cheerleaders who knew how to break it down. DSC_0709






For all you football players, Friday was probably the best day of college week. College athletes from El Camino College were running routes with the students. During the scrimmage, all the athletes played quarterback while the students went out for passes.  College football players let us know when we did a good job and made note of the good catches and moves.  One of them was a former Magruder student!DSC_0784


Did you think college week was a blast? I know we had an amazing time playing with the college athletes.  It also made us think of our potential and what we might do in the future.

DSC_0964DSC_0888 DSC_0731 DSC_0682

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