Ella Enchanted

Ella Enchanted

By: K. Bui and B. Kaur, staff writers


When is obedience going too far?  On November 19th, 2010 Ms. Jaeger’s  sixth grade drama class performed a great play called Ella Enchanted.  Ella was played by Hayley Masai and Prince Char was played by Joao Arboleda. This story took place in Frell. It was about a girl getting a gift of obedience from her fairy god mother, Lucinda (Tatiyana Allen). When she was older she got a step mother, Dame Olga (Zoe Bloomfield). She has two step sisters, Hattie (Alyssa Sarmiento) and Olive (Alaiya Kollie). She wasn’t happy with her gift because they made her do things she didn’t want to do. So she went on a quest to find Lucinda. With the help of Benny (Taylor Proo) a talking book aka Mandy’s (Melissa Smith) boyfriend.

In her adventures she met ogres and she met an elf named Slannen (Mason). When Ella was captured by ogres, Char came to her rescue. After her rescue, Char fell in love with Ella. But Ella thinks that he was one that made the ogres slaves. Char was going to propose to Ella in the Hall of Mirrors but that is when Edgarina (Shayla Esquadero) and her snake (Estaban Alverado) told Ella to kill Char with a knife she gave her. Since she didn’t kill him, her gift of obedience went away. So Edgarina seized her for almost killing Prince Char. Slannen came to rescue her.

Ella looks into Benny and sees that Edgarina poisoned the crown that Char was going to wear to become king. So Ella stopped the coronation and Edgarina got mad and wore the crown and died. Char was crowned king and he proposed to Ella again and she accepted. Then Mandy used her magic and turned Benny back into a boy. They all lived happily ever after.

“They worked well together and did a fabulous job,” said Ms. Jaeger.


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