Godzilla 2014 Trailer Review/ Godzilla Retrospect

Godzilla (2014) Trailer Review/Godzilla Retrospect

By: Jake H., staff writer

           godzilla trailer Well the trailer I’ve been waiting for is here, and it will never disappoint. I have been so fascinated with this movie since the first trailer dropped, and for good reason! Never has there been a serious Godzilla movie executed since 1954, up until now it’s been all campy good monster fun, and I love it that way too. Yet it’s been so long since the series has took itself serious. It was about time we payed Godzilla respect, partly because of the american travesty that took play 16 years ago (you know, that american abomination of “Godzilla” with Ferris Bueller). But I’m getting off track, the second trailer has descended from the holy place from whence it came, and it didn’t disappoint. First of all you have to know first we’re all really hoping we can redeem the big guy for america, it’s been too long since the last Godzilla movie, and fans like me were wondering if he’ll make a return anytime soon. Second, you have to know the size of Godzilla, in the Heisei series (my favorite Godzilla era), when he’s resurrected, he’s about 100 meters, 40 meters taller than the Colossal Titan (Attack on Titan), he can step right over Wall Maria (also Attack on Titan). The new Godzilla (thanks to educated fan speculation) is about 600+ feet (200+ meters!), enough to squash the Colossal, and topple the Heisei godzilla.

So the size, and the time are right, so nothing can go wrong, and to my surprise, nothing really did. The movie that made Bryan Cranston cry, and not in the bad way. This trailer shows off alot of the phenomenal special effects Japan wish they had, and Godzilla really goes back to basics, fear and destruction. This trailer felt like a horror movie trailer, it was palpably suspenseful, and I love feeling my pulse go crazy every time watching it. This movie delivers on the dramatic destruction Godzilla was really known for in the original (1954) Godzilla, as well as the atmospheric shots of him in the distance, towering over all. What really surprised me in this trailer is the possible addition of other monsters nick-named Mutos. One included brings on some very strong characteristics of Rodan, take a look. (Keep in mind it’s only a silhouette, use your imagination)


Helf rodan

Helf actual rodan






And there’s also another claw that looks like it belongs to another Godzilla faithful, Gigan.

Helf giganHelf gigans claw I think

Or it could belong to the same winged Rodan creature Mutos, then again, it would be cooler to introduce a Gigan-like-creature. It’s pretty out there right now, speculation I mean, and my guess is as good as yours, I’d love to hear more crazy ideas about the imagery in this trailer, I didn’t even address the giant glowing waffle cone…helf 2 monsters

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