Foolish Day

Foolish Day

april firstBy: Khanh P. & Megan K., staff writers

            I woke up from a good night’s sleep, I got up extra early, to avoid my older brother, and younger sister from bothering me when I’m sleeping. My name is Andrew, I’m twelve years old, my younger sister is named Karen, she’s ten, my older brother is named Bryce, he’s sixteen. I wore my everyday clothes on, and headed out to prank people.


I silently crept by Karen’s room, holding a bucket of ice cold water to pour on Bryce when he’s sleeping. I opened the door, careful to not make a sound, SPLASH! “ AAHHH! What the heck is this!?” Bryce screamed on the top of his lungs. “ Ice cold water, and I’m out of here,” I ran out of Bryce”s room, and hid in my room, but Karen has a surprise when she wakes up.


I waited for Karen’s scream of disgust, “ Ahh!! WHAT IS THIS!? MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHO DID THIS!? “ I laughed so hard, I can’t resist it, her screaming is like a… a… I just can’t explain it! Karen blasted in my room, “ YOU… YOU PLACED TOOTHPASTE IN MY SOCKS!”  I was scared and replied, “ No I didn’t” “ I asked Bryce, he said that you threw ice cold water on him, he’s planning on pranking on you back, so he doesn’t have time to prank me.” I was in awe, a ten year old girl is now taunting me. “ I accidentally squirted some toothpaste in your socks.” “ Fine, then later I will accidentally do something far more worse to you!” Karen taunted before she stomped out of the room. I quietly said to myself, “ Oh, the game is on, for both of you”


Later that day, I was very careful.  Who knows what they could do!  I saw a bucket of something at the  top of my door!  So I ran to my little sister to find her sitting on the couch, eating popcorn, and stroking our dog.            “ Why did you put that thing at the top of my door, I could have got hurt or something!” “ I didn’t do anything to you yet ! I was just watching tv with fluffy!”  I was very mad so I marched in my room and slammed the door, then, it fell, the whole bucket of…of… milk and rotten eggs!  Then I give a HUGE yell and they both come running !  “ What happened to you” said Karen “What happened to me was this bucket fell on me, and I know one of you guys did it!  Now confess or else!”  Bryce laughed so hard and I knew it was him.  “ I am going to go clean up and I will get you guys!” “But I didn’t even do anything !” Karen said innocently. “ Too bad !” I walk away furious.??????????????????????????????????????


Now I am all cleaned up,  my sister is doing something very suspicious.  “What are you doing??”I say curiously “ Nothing !!” she says shoving something behind her back.  I walk away knowing that she was up to something… then I just go to the park with some of my friends.  When I get home I just throw my jacket off and jumped into bed.  I find a box so I open it and it is a new skateboard ! Karen standing there at my doorway made me understand she gave it to me. “ I thought you were mad at me?!?!”  “ I was but you have to understand to get along with your siblings.” she says with a soft smile.


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