Lucky Day

Lucky Day

lepBy: Lizbeth M. and Carly P., staff writers

            Sara Ermengarde was walking home from school with her best friend, Lexi, they were talking about St. Patricks Day.”It’s like, your day!”, exclaimed Lexi.”What makes you think it’s my day?”, asked Sara.”Gosh, you’re so clueless! Ok, your favorite color is green, your fav cereal is Lucky Charms, you have fifteen charm bracelets, five charm necklaces, you love to draw leprechauns, and you dress in all the green you can on the actual day!”, Lexi ran out of breath.”Oh, that’s just a coincidence!”, Sara denied.

The next day, St. Patricks day, Sara woke up with a grin, yes all those things that Lexi said were true, but Sara still denied that it was made for her. Like any other St. Patricks day, Sara put on her green checkered socks, sprayed parts of her hair green, put on her leprechaun hat, wore a green vest, put on 5 out of 15 charm bracelets on, a plaid green and white skirt, and green tennis shoes. Sara put this act on every St. Patrick’s day, but each year the costume would improve. Sara wouldn’t call it a, “costume”, though, she would call it, imagination. The students at Sara’s school loved to see what she had coming on each St. Pattys day.

When Sara came to school that day, she got a big welcome from all her friends. She was dressed better than all the teachers combined! During  snack she was lucky enough to get a free cookie. During 4th period, she received a test back, and got an A+. When lunch came around, there was a drawing for best cost- imagination getup . Of course, Sara won, and the price was free lunch for the rest of the semester.

Finally, the day was over, plus it was a Friday. Sara was grabbing her books out of her locker when her crush, Victor walked over to her.”Um, sup.”, he greeted her awkwardly said.”Oh hey, what’s up.”.”Um.. I like your getup.”. Now Sara was blushing.”Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime over the weekend.”Um, sure that would really cool.”, Sara calmly said. This was definitely her lucky day!

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