The Natural History Museum Field Trip

The Natural History Museum                                                                                               

By: Alina B. and Kayne T., staff writers


On December 16th, 2010, half of the sixth graders of Magruder Middle School went on a field trip to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, California. This was their second trip this year, the first one being the Getty Museum.  Students visited the exhibits such as the Wild Animals of North America, the Gem Vault and the Insect Zoo. They also ate lunch in the front of the museum, on the field. “I think it was a lot of fun!”  Irene Morales exclaimed.

 In the Gem Vault there are more then 2,000 minerals and gems on display. Some of the minerals and gems displayed are garnets and gold, topaz and tourmaline, sapphires and silver, meteorites and malachite. Students visited between six to nine exhibits. “I thought the Natural museum was very fun and it was cool to see all the different exhibits!” said Ryan Salcido. There were displays of stuffed animals from around the world, and even strange fish, thought to be extinct, in cases of formaldehyde. One of the other exhibits that was very cool was the one from early American History, displaying their huts and their transportation. 

 Overall, the sixth graders were satisfied with the trip. They had fun, even on the bus ride to and from the Museum. But mostly, it was the actual fieldtrip that satisfied them, and even the lunch break they received with friends. “It was awesome!” said Glenn Searcey, one of the lucky sixth graders, which left high hopes in the other half of the sixth graders.                                      


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